3.20.1: Improved Kirac’s Vault Pass and Sanctum…

December 16, 2022

Next week we’re planning to deploy the 3.20.1 update which improves the current Kirac’s Vault pass, introduces new Sanctum content (including Unique Relics and their special rewards), and the 2023 Core Supporter Packs. Find out more in this news post.

Improved Kirac’s Vault Pass

We launched this league’s Kirac Vault Pass a few days ago, with nine exclusive unique item skins. In 3.20.1, we’re adding five more microtransactions to the pass, in the form of these additional mystery boxes from Path of Exile’s past: Warlord, Polaris, Twilight, Harmony and Sin/Innocence.

If you’ve already bought your pass, it’ll be automatically updated to include the new mystery boxes that can be unlocked, when 3.20.1 releases next week.

Unique Relics and New Rewards

The 3.20.1 update introduces the concept of Unique Relics. Every time you defeat the final form of the Sanctum Boss, she’ll drop a Unique Relic which challenges you to complete an entire run of The Forbidden Sanctum at area level 80+ under special rules. If you’re able to complete such a run, you’ll be rewarded in new and special ways. However, the Unique Relic will be destroyed regardless of the outcome of your run, so if you fail to complete it, you’ll forfeit your potential rewards.

We’ll go into more detail about Unique Relics and their rewards in the patch notes next week, but for the time being, here’s a teaser of one of the possible rewards you can earn:

Other Improvements to Sanctum

We’re making Sanctum more multiplayer-friendly in 3.20.1 by changing it so that party members get to store a Sanctum room for later when the map owner runs their Sanctum room for the area.

The patch also contains a variety of other smaller improvements, such as having the Resolve Bar flash when your Resolve changes, and adding notifications for which specifics Afflictions have been removed by Accursed Pacts or Radiant Fountains.

New Core Packs Available Soon

The 2023 series of Core Supporter Packs will be released next week! This means it’s your last chance to get the 2022 set of Imperator, Nullifier, Annihilator, Ravager, and Incinerator Core Supporter Packs. If you don’t want to miss out, get yours here.

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