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Blizzard Response to Feedback About Season 3 Trinkets

September 20, 2023

Many new Trinkets are getting introduced in Season 3, of which some of them have even caused severe Server instability on the PTR last week. Blizzard has further responded to feedback about Trinkets in Season 3.
In this post I plan on covering feedback in regards to new trinkets for Season 3 and 10.2. I will specifically cover trinkets for Intellect Ranged DPS but feel free to add your thoughts below on any that I missed!

Thank you for the thoughtful feedback! It’s always helpful to hear from specific perspectives like this. One relevant upcoming change is that Nymue’s Vengeful Spindle has been adjusted to deal less damage while granting additional Mastery and will be available for testing in the next PTR update. It should feel like a Mastery trinket that deals some damage rather than vice versa.

Losing these interactions has meant damage trinkets feel severely underpowered and undesirable as a ranged DPS with their current tuning.

Tuning is very much ongoing and players can expect under- or overperforming effects to be brought in line. Community data from the PTR is very helpful alongside our internal processes for testing early tuning assumptions.

Ideally every tier presents players with a variety of viable trinket choices. Our goal with a caster-specific trinket like Belor’relos, the Sunstone would be that it finds a useful place somewhere in the toolkit across all caster classes, but not necessarily for every specialization that can use it. If Pip’s Emerald Friendship Badge and Ashes of the Embersoul are universally preferred over it by every caster in every situation, we would consider this a tuning failure.

In contrast, a trinket like Augury of the Primal Flame might simply scale better for non-casters to the point where it would be too powerful overall if it was balanced around caster performance.

Would be curious to see how it feels at 4 seconds since that sounds a bit long for a trinket like that, 2 seconds is more typical for this kind of thing but I’ll wait to try it out once it is testable.

This is something we’ll keep an eye on as players get their hands on it. Trinkets with tradeoffs such as cast times, self-damage, or abnormal positioning requirements are intended to feel like a choice and an investment, and the payoff should be worth it both when considering both the numerical DPS contribution and the subjective ease of use.

In a case like this, although it is quite rare, would you ever consider adding role-specific modifiers to a trinket? I believe Puzzle box had something like this added for Death Knight’s but I’m wondering if that could be something here to make this trinket more desirable for a wider range of specs.

As in the case of the Al’gethar Puzzle Box and Unholy Death Knights, role-specific modifiers are a tool we are more likely to consider when a trinket is substantially overperforming due to class mechanics as opposed to falling behind due to scaling differences.

In a case like this, although it is quite rare, would you ever consider adding role-specific modifiers to a trinket?

One more follow-up to this specifically regarding Augury of the Primal Flame and caster performance after reviewing some additional data: the proc chance has been changed to scale with the player’s haste. This will significantly increase its performance for specializations that prefer haste without much impact to melee specializations that do not. Thank you for helping to highlight this discrepancy!

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