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So I saw this on twitter as a request to the devs from someone I follow. When I read it I instantly related the idea to issues my guide has when guiding. I also asked within my guild and many said it is something they would use.
Could we get a personal marker system that only the user can see. People in my guild said they would use it for a array of things including wanting to mark things in raid and dungeon for personal reference and marking something with a marker they can see better due to colour clashes or shape and size of marker not being great for them to see.
For accessability my guide likes to keep a mark on me so it’s easier for quick reference to see where I am. Sometimes this can be confusing on tactics having an additional marker for the raid, having it personal would eliminate this but still allow the quick reference. Also markers drop quite a bit, from what I’ve been told. Having to ask for a mark on me again mid fight is disruptive, personal markers would again eliminate this.
As a whole I think this could benefit everyone as well as be a good tool for accessability.
*edited the title to include deaf players as a reply made me aware how this could benefit their community too.

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#3 – Nov. 29, 2023, 9:13 p.m.
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Hello. I checked in with our UI/UX design team and I can confirm that this request has been received by them and is being considered alongside some similar updates they’re planning for future patches. We don’t have any details to share at this time, but we’re looking into it!

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