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Here are this week’s highlights:

BlizzCon® 2023

BlizzCon® 2023 returns November 3 and 4, and additional tickets are still available. Can’t attend? Don’t worry. You can watch all the content from the Anaheim Arena for free. To commemorate the return of BlizzCon, you can also purchase the BlizzCon Collection with a new set of digital goodies for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games.


Details on the Headless Horseman’s Mount: The first drop of the day receives a bonus chance to earn the mount, which scales with the number of curses applied for the encounter.
Guardians of the Dream PTR Update: This week’s development notes included updates for Demon Hunters, Monks, Rogues, and more. Updates were posted for the Mythic+ and the Raid testing schedules. 
Hallow’s End Feedback: With the start of Hallow’s End, the WoW Community Council began to share their experiences and feedback on the event.
Acquiring The Scarlet Key: Some additional details were confirmed on how players can earn this item, which gives people access to an older version of the Scarlet Monastery to all characters on the account.


Weekly Raid Quest: An issue prevented the quest from being available; this was not intentional and has since been resolved.

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