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With scheduled weekly maintenance tomorrow, we will make adjustments to several enemies and spells in Mythic+ dungeons.
Data and feedback suggests that Murozond’s Rise, Throne of the Tides, and Atal’Dazar are outliers in terms of difficulty. While Murozond’s Rise and Throne of the Tides are too difficult, Atal’Dazar is proving too easy and may affect player progression through the content in a negative way.
Our adjustments aim to better align overall balance across the Mythic+ dungeon pool for Season 3.

The required enemy forces count for Atal’Dazar has been increased.

Yazma’s Wracking Pain can no longer be interrupted and is no longer a curse effect in Mythic Keystone difficulty.

Priestess Alun’za

Corrupted Blood inflicts damage every 2.5 seconds (was 3 seconds).
Spirit of Gold’s health increased by 33%.
Toxic Saurid’s Leaping Thrash no longer triggers Poisoned Claws on the target.
Dazar’ai Juggernaut’s Merciless Assault damage reduced by 25%.
Dazar’al Augur’s Wildfire periodic rate reduced to 1 second (was 2 seconds).
Dinomancer Kish’o’s Deadeye Aim damage reduced by 25%.
T’lonja’s Frenzied Charge is now avoidable but inflicts increased damage.
Monzumi’s Wild Thrash range increased to 100 yards.

Murozond’s Rise

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper

Radiant Barrier damage absorb reduced by 15%.
Radiant Barrier refresh damage reduced by 25%.

Chrono-Lord Deios

Chrono-Lord Deios health reduced by 10%.
Infinite Corruption damage reduced by 20%.
Timestream Anomaly’s Untwist damage reduced by 20%.
Time-Displacement reduces the creature’s health by an additional 10%>
Time-Displacement on death damage effect reduced by 50%.
Increased the cooldown of Double Strike and Triple Strike.

Throne of the Tides

Reduced the total number of Unstable Corruption spawns and Unstable Corruption now spawn more consistently in the Abyssal Halls.
Vicious Snap Dragon’s Razor Jaws inflicts damage every 1.5 seconds (was 1 second).
Vicious Snap Dragon health reduced by 20%.
Gilgoblin Aquamage health reduced by 20%.
Gilgoblin Aquamage’s Aquablast cast time increased to 4 seconds (was 3.75 seconds).
Tainted Guardian’s Swell damage reduced by 15%.
Naz’jar Sentinel’s Crushing Depth heal absorb amount reduced by 15%.

Blotting Barrage damage reduced by 15%.
Blotting Darkness inflicts damage reduced by 25%.
Neptulon’s Cleansing Flux duration increased to 12 seconds (was 10 seconds).
Foul Bolt now has an 8 second initial cool up.
Splotch spawn closer to the Ink of Ozumat.

Galakrond’s Fall

Risen Dragon’s Necrotic Outburst inflicts damage every 3 seconds (was every 2 seconds).
Coalesced Moment’s Tainted Sands no longer does damage immediately and its duration has been reduced to 7 seconds (was 9 seconds).

Darkheart Thicket

Oakheart’s Crushing Grip throw damage reduced by 15%.
Maddening Roar increases damage dealt by 20% per stack (was 25%).

Black Rook Hold

Felspite Dominator’s Sic Bats! will now command up to 4 bats to attack their target (was unlimited).

Waycrest Manor

Matron Alma’s Lingering Dread should prefer non-tank players.

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