The time has come to migrate your Authenticator from the old Authenticator App to the new App. If you currently are using the Authenticator app, you must migrate to the new mobile app by January 5.

Migrating Your Authenticator to the Mobile App

The Authenticator feature is now available in the mobile app. The old Authenticator app will be removed from all app stores as early as January 1, 2024, and will no longer be available for download. Players who migrate their authenticator will be able to continue using the mobile app to authenticate their account logins.
If you currently have your Authenticator in the Authenticator app, you must migrate to the new mobile app by January 5. After this date, we will begin removing the authenticator from accounts which haven’t migrated, reset passwords for affected accounts, and notify all affected players of the reset.
Once you migrate to the new app you can remove the legacy Authenticator app from your device. Learn more in our support article.

Where Can I Get the Authenticator?

Don’t have an Authenticator on your account? Download the free mobile app for iOS or Android, Visit the Authenticator article for more information, or head to the setup page to get started after you’ve downloaded the app.
As an additional bonus, when you add an Authenticator to your account, you’ll find the always feisty and fiery Core Hound Pup* in-game pet waiting for you.

What are Phone Notifications? Phone Notifications let you perform certain account actions from your mobile phone (such as removing your Authenticator) and can be set up to provide you with account activity notifications. All you need is a supported text-enabled cell phone to get started.
What can Phone Notifications do for you?

Unlock your Blizzard account
Remove a lost Authenticator
Recover your account name
Reset your password

In addition, you can turn on alerts to have text messages sent directly to your phone notifying you of certain kinds of account activity, like password changes and security feature additions or removals. These text messages are an easy way to help protect your account from unauthorized access and changes.
Remember, you can further safeguard your account by never sharing your password, using unique passwords on each site you visit, and staying aware of potential email and phishing scams.

For more information on Phone Notifications and a link to set it up, visit the FAQ.  

We take account security seriously, and we know you do, too. So, when you add an Authenticator—now available with the App—along with Phone Notifications to your account, you’ll gain four extra bag slots*—account-wide—in each character’s main backpack in World of Warcraft. You’ll be able to hold a little more stuff as you adventure through Azeroth and keep that stuff safer from scoundrels and thieves.
Learn more about what you can do to help safeguard your account by reviewing our security checklist.
*Core Hound Pup and extra bag slots not available in World of Warcraft Classic games.

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