I just wanted to say, the time rift gift mounts were so amazingly fun. I really, REALLY hope this is something that can happen more often.
I have no idea who gave me my wolf, but I know I gave out about ten gryphons and it was a lot of run to see them notice and then hop on to check out their new mount. Anonymous gifting felt really good. Could be done with pets as well? That would be adorable for Winter Veil.
More of that, please. Everyone I know of and talk to just loved it.

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#2 – Oct. 31, 2023, 6:37 p.m.
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Hey, glad to see that you enjoyed these! That was us trying something new, and it seems from you (and others we’ve heard from) that gift mounts were a success. We’re definitely considering doing things like this again in the future. It’s always good to hear from players when things are working as much as it is when they’re not, so I appreciate you saying so.

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