Season of Discovery – Initial Adjustments

Over the first 24 hours of Season of Discovery, we made a few discoveries of our own that resulted in design changes. We expect that most players haven’t seen much of this yet, but want to note it for reference.

WoWCast About The Future of Season Of Discovery – Gnomeregan Raid

Join Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield, Lead Software Engineer Nora Valletta, and host Bethany Stout as they cast the spotlight on a curious new twist on World of Warcraft® Classic, Season of Discovery, and what players can look forward to on their adventures throughout Azeroth, including a peek at the upcoming raid, Gnomeregan, along with some humorous behind-the-scenes stories.

Classic Season of Discovery Now Live!

Season of Discovery is now live for World of Warcraft Classic! The time has come to gather your friends, create a new character, and scour the lands of Azeroth to discover class-altering abilities, new endgame activities, and a new Rune Engraving system.