[US] An update on Paragon Glyph Issues with 1.2.3

The team has identified an issue that players are experiencing with paragon glyphs showcasing misrepresented levels from the levels achieved prior to the 1.2.3 update. We plan on addressing this on PC with a new client update that will be shipping later today. We will update players on timing of this release once available. For […]

[US] An update prior to 1.2.3 hitting on December 5th

A quick few notes prior to the 1.2.3 update coming to Diablo IV on Tuesday via a same day server side hotfix. The Melted Heart of Selig will no longer count as the player spending resources when resource is drained from damage taken in PvP zones. We are doing this because of an interaction that […]

[US] Rain Blood in Abattoir of Zir

On December 5th, descend into a most brutish challenge from Zir himself. For those wanderers that have already completed the Season’s Journey, this endgame pinnacle dungeon challenge awaits you. You will have 10 minutes to slay the horrors within and defeat Zir’s loyal Bloodseekers to succeed. On completion of each trial, an even more difficult […]

[US] Catch Up on the Latest Campfire Chat

On November 30, we held a Campfire Chat that sliced into our first seasonal endgame event Abbatoir of Zir, and foreshadowed chills yet to come in Midwinter Blight. Associate director of community Adam Fletcher, game director Joe Shely, and associate game director Joe Piepora detailed the fearsomely challenging endgame dungeon that arrives on December 5 […]

[US] Rain Blood in Abattoir of Zir

Battle legions of Zir’s minions and race against time in a new endgame pinnacle dungeon. Harness the power of the Tears of Blood Glyph for your most ferocious challenge yet. View Full Article

[US] Tune in to Our Next Campfire Chat

Our next Campfire Chat begins on November 30 at 11 a.m. PST and will dive into the pinnacle endgame dungeon, the Abattoir of Zir, and our first limited-time event Midwinter Blight. Join associate director of community Adam Fletcher, game director Joe Shely, and associate game director Joseph Piepiora, as they talk more about the Abattoir […]

[US] Tune in to Our Next Campfire Chat

Sit down with members of the development team as they discuss Abattoir of Zir, Midwinter Blight, and a brief preview of future quality-of-life updates. View Full Article