Sanctum Mystery Box Concept Art

The Sanctum Mystery Box is our third Mystery Box with non-repeating rewards which features microtransactions that have visual behaviour that interacts with your gameplay. Get a peek at the design process by checking out the concept art below! Flamestrider Boots Gargoyle Wings Pendant of Willpower Shardbound Portal Effect Reinforced Flask Treasure Hunter Helmet LATEST BLOGPOSTS LATEST PATCH […]

The Krangled Passives Group SSF Event Is Live!

Rediscover Path of Exile’s Passive Skill Tree in the Krangled Passives Group SSF Event! Now available on both PC and Console, you can start exploring the krangled skill tree to reveal which strange character builds might be possible. Krangled Passives Group SSF Event League Completion Criteria: Kill both Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds Based […]

Sanctum Supporter Packs and Kirac’s Vault Pass End Soon

Very soon, the current series of Supporter Packs and Vault Pass will leave the store forever! Be sure to get yours before they make way for the next series. When the Sanctum League ends in a few weeks, the current items available in Kirac’s Vault Pass will be sealed away forever and replaced with new, […]

April Expansion Name Reveal

Path of Exile 3.21 Expansion LivestreamThe details of our 3.21 expansion will be revealed on March 30th at 12PM (PDT) at! In the livestream you’ll learn all about the new challenge league and other content of the expansion. After the livestream, Chris Wilson will answer your burning questions live in a Q&A session with ZiggyD. […]

The 3.21 Expansion Name Reveal Is Tommorow!

Tomorrow, we’ll reveal the name of our 3.21 expansion. As the first glimpse of an upcoming expansion, these reveals are always incredibly exciting for us. Here are some of our favourite name reveals of the past! Sentinel The Forbidden Sanctum Scourge Siege of the Atlas Lake of Kalandra We can’t wait to share tomorrow’s reveal […]

The Friendly Fire Group SSF Event Is Live!

The second of our March 2023 events and our first ever Asynchronous Group SSF event is now live! Join your fellow exiles in the Friendly Fire Group SSF event, just make sure you’re careful where (and who) you attack! This event is only available on PC. If you’re curious about the rest of March’s events, […]