3.21.1 Hotfix 4

Fixed a bug where monsters could spawn stuck in the Crucible Forge object.

3.21.1 Hotfix 3

Added 709 more foiled Unique Item options that the Voidborn Reliquary can yield. Improved how items are displayed inside the Item Display Case Hideout Decoration microtransaction. Fixed a bug where you could become unable to remove a disabled Impossible Escape or Intuitive Leap Jewel from your Passive Skill Tree if there was a disconnected passive […]

3.21.1 Hotfix

Fixed a client crash introduced in 3.21.1. You will need to restart your client to receive this fix.

3.21.1 Patch Notes

This patch contains some improvements to the Towering Titans and Ever-Extending Evolution challenges alongside some other general improvements and a number of bug fixes. Improvements The “Defeat 100 Rare Crucible Monsters” and “Defeat 50 Unique Crucible Monsters” conditions for the Towering Titans challenge no long require the Forge of the Titans area to be level […]

3.21.0c Hotfix 6

Fixed a bug where certain on-kill effects could cause time-frozen Legion monsters to be destroyed. Fixed a bug where the Mastery for “20% increased Maximum Energy Shield if your Rings have Evasion Modifiers” and “40% increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate if your Amulet has an Evasion Modifier” were not correctly applying after changing areas. Fixed […]

3.21.0c Hotfix 5

Added 448 more foiled Unique Item options that the Voidborn Reliquary can yield. Fixed a bug where the Rage Vortex Skill effects were not adjusting to terrain height. Fixed bug affecting some monster skills which could cause them to repeat on the server but not display in the client (notably the Vaal Fireball Spell Totem […]

3.21.0c Hotfix 4

Combining Crucible Passive Trees when both trees have depth-two skills at matching positions can no longer result in a tree with only one skill. Fixed a bug with the Cross Contamination challenge condition “Complete an Expedition encounter while you are Delirious” not completing correctly. Fixed a bug where the Lighthouse Map Boss variants could not […]

3.21.0c Hotfix 3

Fixed a bug with the Molten Master challenge conditions “While you are Delirious” and “While in a Corrupted Map with 8 Map Modifiers” not completing correctly. Fixed a bug in Capture the Flag where the flag could sometimes not be interacted with. Fixed a client crash. Fixed 2 instance crashes.

3.21.0c Hotfix 2

Fixed a bug where Caustic Arrow was not spreading Caustic Ground or dealing chaos damage in an area on impact when it pierced enemies. Fixed a bug where increases and reductions to Shrapnel and Siege Ballista Attack Speed were applying twice. Fixed a bug where completing Logbooks with at least 10 Remnants active would only […]

3.21.0c Hotfix

Added a 100ms cooldown to the Twister Skill that is triggered when using the Saqawal’s Flock Unique Helmet. While we generally try to avoid mid-league balance adjustments, this skill was causing unsustainable server load and frequent crashes. We have assessed the balance of the skill with this cooldown and have found that it is still […]