Wrath Classic: Ulduar Release January 19th
With Phase 2 of Wrath Classic, Ulduar is going to be the next Raid Tier!
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Cross-Realm Queue for PvP

A lot of feedback has reached Blizzard, Oceanic Players can now queue with American Players.

Loot Changes in Phase 2

Blizzard announced some significant Loot Changes for Phase 2 in Wrath Classic.


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More Then 120.000 Banned Accounts And New Death Knight Restrictions
Blizzard has posted a Blogpost about their recent banwave, terminating more then 120.000 accounts...
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Wrath Classic - Changes to Bloodlust Sated Debuff
With a recent Hotfix, Blizzard has changed how players are affected by the Sated debuff if...
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Jewelcrafting Gems Available For Emblem of Heroism In Wrath Classic
The Vendors in Dalaran now offer Jewelcrafting Gems for Emblem of Heroism on the Wrath Classic...
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Wrath Classic - More Trinket Buffed, Meteorite Crystal
More Trinkets from Ulduar in Wrath Classic have been buffed with the recent Hotfix. This is...
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Wrath Classic Hotfix From February 16 - Trinket Buff, Vehicle Bug Fix
The latest Hotfix for Wrath Classic has fixed some issues with vehicles in Ulduar spinning...
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