Core Supporter Packs FAQ

December 23, 2022

Yesterday we released the 2023 set of annual Core Supporter Packs. Since then we’ve received a lot of questions regarding their contents, in particular, the community was curious how the Voidborn Reliquary submission process works. In this news post we’ll answer the most popular questions about Core Supporter Packs.

When will the Voidborn Reliquary Keys start dropping?

The Voidborn Reliquary Keys will likely start dropping in the first half of January 2023.

How does the submission process work?

After purchasing a Voidborn Supporter Pack, you can use a special page to submit your choice of an existing unique item, your preferred foiling treatment, and a custom message that will be displayed when the item is awarded to a player. We’ll then review the custom message you have provided, which will either be accepted or rejected with feedback on what to change.

If I pick a unique, the colour and add a little text, but others choose that unique as well, does that mean only one version will be added? That would mean that some would get nothing? Or are all versions going to be added which means you can get different version of the same unique from the new keys?

Multiple people can specify the same item (even with the same foiling treatment) and all of them will be added to the pool. Each one can drop separately with its own message and hence increases the chances that the specified item can be found.

How do the rarities of the unique items selected affect the drop rate of the Voidborn Reliquary Key?

Each item is weighted based on its rarity. We balance the drop rate of the overall key around what people select. Let’s look at two examples:

a) All the supporters only select Mageblood or Headhunter. In this case, the key always yields something incredibly valuable, and drops quite infrequently.

b) In addition to those valuable uniques, a few supporters select common uniques. In this case, the common uniques are the likely outcome from a Voidborn Reliquary, so we make the key drop more frequently to compensate. Players can still infrequently get the Mageblood or Headhunter outcomes just like in the first example, but more keys are dropping and often yield the more common foiled uniques.

Are there any restrictions to the custom message?

You can write whatever you want in your custom message, but we reserve the right to reject it for any reason. Please don’t refer to other players or any content that might be considered inflammatory, hateful, or offensive. Basically if you can’t say it in global chat, you’re probably not going to be able to use it here.

Will the message be displayed on the item?

The message doesn’t appear on the item, it’s displayed in-game when the chest is opened.

Will there be a way to search for specific variants of the foil uniques on the trade site?

Foil variations are already searchable on the trade site.

Will the Voidborn Reliquary Key be in the core drop pool?


Will the chessboard hideout decoration ever become available outside of the supporter pack?

While the Primordial and Oriathian Chess Pieces are exclusive to the Chronomancer Supporter Pack, the chessboard decoration is not. We may release future board games for hideouts that include the chessboard.

Will the Atlas Hideout layout be updated as the Atlas changes over time?


Which size are the art prints?

All five are 20cm by 30cm. Four are portrait and one is landscape.