Crucible Fan Art Competition Highlights

May 23, 2023

Entries for our Crucible Fan Art Competition close tomorrow at 5PM NZT, so make sure you get your submission in before then! For now, we’re featuring a few more entries in this last competition highlights post! Check them out below!

Molten One by xfey

Titan Forge by Akira159

Comic by lolozori



Crucible Megasketch by Romanovic

The Thief of Wraeclast by PropagandaPandá

PoE Widowhail by 51R3N

Maroider Forging by francodaniel01

Marauder by PinnyVyx

Remember, entries close tomorrow at 5PM NZT! If you’ve got an entry to submit, you can post it in this thread.

Best of luck to all entrants!