Curses FAQ

Yesterday, we released our final 3.20 balance manifesto that covered topics related to Curses. Today’s post answers some of your questions about this manifesto.

Are you changing Bane?

Bane will also have a curse penalty similar to Hextouch and Blasphemy.

Will you make Vixen’s Entrapment work with Bane?


Will Delve keep its depth-scaling curse effect reduction?


Will the ”Less Curse Effect on Players” modifier be removed from Temporal Chains?


Can you change Hexblast so that the Hex it removes isn’t random?

Yes, instead of removing a random Hex, Hexblast will remove the Hex with the lowest remaining duration. (i.e. whichever one would naturally expire first.)

Do these changes now encourage weapon-swapping builds?

No. Your curses will be removed if you lose the skill that applied the curse. Additionally, your Curses will be removed if you die or leave the area.

This also applies to the Hex Master Keystone we revealed earlier today.

Can you give us more of an idea of how Vulnerability has changed?

It no longer has the stat, ‘Ailments inflicted on Cursed Enemies deal Damage 20% Faster.” This stat previously didn’t work so this doesn’t functionally change anything to remove it. We’ve also buffed its chance to bleed and it still has its increased physical damage stat.

How will these changes affect Doedre’s Skin?

Doedre’s Skin is unchanged.

Does the change ”item mods that inflict a specific Hex no longer doing so with increased effect” apply to corrupted glove modifiers?


Will Hexes from items with a ”Curse on Hit” modifier be affected by the new Hex related Cluster Jewel notables?

Yes, unless any particular notables specify otherwise.

You didn’t mention Curse on Hit rings, Corrupted Implicits or CWDT linked with Curses. Have any of those things been changed?

Curse on Hit Rings and Corrupted Implicits no longer come with increased effect. The Cast When Damage Taken gem hasn’t been changed.

Does the removal of boss penalties benefit Mark skills?


How common is the Anathema ring?