Delirium Everywhere Begins Soon

Can you hear it, Exile? Madness approaches in the Delirium Everywhere event, where a dense fog has taken over almost every zone!

The fog ranges randomly from 10% to 100% Delirium with the minimum and maximum level of Delirium scaling with the level of the zone. This way, some lower level encounters won’t be impossibly difficult and higher level encounters won’t be incredibly easy. This has all the usual effects — monsters getting buffed, new monsters spawning, reward bars filling with kills, and Simulacrum splinters dropping. To avoid spam-refreshing areas being the best strategy, each area always has the same Delirium percentage, and Delirium reward types are randomised each time they drop.

Delirium Everywhere starts on all platforms at 12pm November 21st (PST) which is Nov 21, 2022 9:00 PM (GMT+1) (Log in to view in your local time). It will end at 12pm November 28th (PST) which is Nov 28, 2022 9:00 PM (GMT+1)(Log in to view in your local time).

In comparison to the last time we ran a Delirium Everywhere event, we’ve reduced the amount of Delirium that can be applied to zones earlier in the campaign and have adjusted the maximum Delirium each act can have so that progressing past certain encounters isn’t near-impossible.

Mirrors of Delirium cannot spawn in this event. If you get your hands on a Delirious map, it functions as normal, overriding the special rules of this event.

Tons of prizes are up for grabs, including a guaranteed Kalandra Mystery Box for reaching level 50 if this is your first or second event!
Please note: You are limited to two guaranteed Kalandra Mystery Boxes across all events, i.e. if you’ve already gotten your Mystery Box in Mayhem and Endless Delve, you will not receive a third Kalandra Mystery Box. If this is your second Kalandra Mystery Box, it will be added to your account after the end of the event. If this is your first Kalandra Mystery Box it will be added to your account automatically.

For more information about Delirium Everywhere, check out this thread. To join the event, log into the game and in the bottom right of the character select screen, click “Join” next to the version of the event you want to participate in.

Want to keep track of who’s on top? The ladders for each version of the Delirium Everywhere event can be found below:

Best of luck to everyone participating in the event!