Achievement ‘Like Sands Through the Hourglass’ Changed With Patch 10.0.7

March 3, 2023

The hardest achievement for the Dragonflight Hero Meta Achievement is going to be changed with Patch 10.0.7. Read more..

As we reported in our Glory of the Dragonflight Hero Achievement Guide, the Like Sands throught the hourglass achivement is the hardest achievement to complete. This achievement required all Eternity Orbs to be caught by a player standing below them before they reach the floor. This led to players coming up with various strategies. This is now going to change with Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7.

  •  Like Sands Through the Hourglass  Defeat Chrono-Lord Deios after catching every Eternity Orb as it falls20 Eternity Orbs as they fall to the ground in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr on Mythic difficulty.


This achievement now requires to catch atleast 20 orbs as previously, but you are now allowed to miss out on some of them. This will make this achievement easier to complete, without various strategies like bursting the boss in 40 seconds, or using a Death Knight tank to defeat the boss alone.