Additional Changes on Weekly Reset – Waycrest Manor Nerf, Legendary Weapon Buff

January 4, 2024

Last weekly Reset, Blizzard has implemented some undocumented changes to the legendary 2-Handed Weapon, but also sneaked in a little nerf to Waycrest Manor.

These changes have not yet been confirmed by Blizzard, but were noticed by several players in the community while playing the game since last Tuesday.

Fyr'alath Buffed Again!

 Rage of Fyr’alath stacks are now capped at 50 (was 5).


This means that on large AoE situations, the Fyr’alath Legendary can do much more damage now since it can stack higher by consuming more  Mark of Fyr’alaths.

Soul Thorns Health Nerfed in Waycrest Manor

On the weekly reset, Soul Thorns on the Soulbound Goliath fight in Waycrest Manor have been nerfed.

Soul Thorns health nerfed by ~35%.

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