Additional Feral Druid Changes For Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 PTR

January 8, 2023

Druids receive significant changes to their Talent Trees with the upcoming Patch 10.0.5. Blizzard posted now additional Changes to Feral Druids. Read more..
Blizzard just announced additional Changes to Feral Druids in their upcoming Patch 10.0.5 for World of Warcraft – Dragonflight.
Here is a list of additional Feral changes coming in a future 10.0.5 PTR build:
  • Moved Tear Open Wounds directly below Primal Wrath, with a connector to Pouncing Strikes.
  • Moved Lunar Inspiration below and to the left of Sudden Ambush.
  • Tear Open Wounds now deals 70% of the Rip damage it consumes (up from 60%).
  • Taste for Blood changed to a single point node that increases Ferocious Bite damage by 5% per bleed on the target. (was a 2 point node).
  • Sudden Ambush changed to a single point node that grants 6% chance per combo point spent to cause your next Shred or Rake to deal damage as though stealthed. (was a 2 point node)
  • Lunar Inspiration Moonfire damage increased to 125% of 10.0.2 value.
  • Relentless Predator reduces the energy cost of Ferocious Bite by 40% (up from 20%).
  • Rip and Tear: Tear damage increased to 15% of Rip damage (up from 12%).
  • Infected Wound bonus reverted to 10.0.2 values (increases Rake damage by 30%).
  • Veinripper bonus reverted to 10.0.2 values (extends periodic bleed effect durations by 25%).
We are happy that players are enjoying the “full bleed” AOE build that almost entirely spends combo points on Primal Wrath. We want to keep that build strong for players that enjoy it, while providing other viable alternatives. As we continue to iterate on balance, we believe the last round of changes reduced its power too much, so we are undoing some changes and adding some boosts to damage dealt by Tear Open Wounds and Rip and Tear.
Lunar Inspiration is no longer a choice node with Feral Frenzy and has been moved to the middle section of the tree. We adjusted its damage to be appropriate for its new location. Taste for Blood and Sudden Ambush are now single point nodes, with the intention of making them more appealing alternatives for moving down the tree.