All Datamined Rewards from Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 – New Mounts, Cosmetics and Trading Post

December 21, 2022

Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 is now on the PTR, and many Rewards have been datamined. We summarize all of the yet known items like Cosmetics and Mounts.

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With the new Patch 10.0.5 for Dragonflight, many new Rewards are coming to the game, especially through the new Trading Post System. Our friends on have been datamining a lot recently, and we summarize all the yet known rewards for you!

Goblin Shredder Rocket – Shop Mount

NEW [PH] Goblin Shredder Rocket
Description: [PH]
Source: In-Game Shop

This is a new Mount with a not-yet known model. The information “In-Game-Shop” leads to its Source, and we can expect this mount to be released soon aswell.



Transmog Ensembles

Here is an Overview of all datamined Ensembles which were added with the 10.0.5 PTR.



Zandalari Troll Hair Colors

A different type of Cosmetics. Zandalari Trolls receive more Hair colors with Patch 10.0.5!





New Mounts – Tiger Mount, Crusty Crawler and more.

Patch 10.0.5 will introduce a handful of new Mounts, including the new Ash’adar, Harbringer of Dawn for completing all additional activities to earn Trader’s Tender.

  • NEW  Magenta Cloud Serpent
    Description: More affectionate than their cousins, Magenta Cloud Serpents are known to form close bonds with their riders.
    Source: Trading Post
    Model id: 104792
  • NEW  Crusty Crawler
    Description: This rare giant crab has taken a break from its nautical nonsense deep under the sea to explore the surface.
    Source: Trading Post
    Model id: 104791
  • NEW  Quawks
    Description: Squawks’s older (and somehow louder) brother appears to tolerate your presence. For now. You should probably track down some crackers while you still can.
    Source: Trading Post
    Model id: 111363
  • NEW  Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn
    Description: Kaldorei legends whisper of a relentless hunter prowling amongst the deepest shadows of Kalimdor, never sleeping. By the light of the sun or the moon, Ash’adar now hunts with you.
    Source: Trading Post
    Model id: 104779
  • NEW  Skyskin Hornstrider
    Description: The instability of primalist storms in potential timelines sometimes causes creatures to absorb the energies from the very storms. These creatures tend to be docile towards those who are able to face the fury of these chronomatic anomalies.
    Source: Vendor: Brendormi
    Cost: 150 3000
    Model id: 101160
  • NEW  Coral-Stalker Waveray
    Description: This species of ray seems to have evolved to stalk its prey amidst the brightly colored corals of the seas.
    Source: Trading Post
    Model id: 105400
  • NEW  Savage Green Battle Turtle
    Description: Turtle too slow to chase down your foes? Just add cannons. Nothing can outrun a cannon.
    Source: Trading Post
    Model id: 105432
  • NEW  Armored Siege Kodo
    Description: Only the strongest and most fearless of kodos can be trained to become living siege weapons. Even the highest walls won’t keep them out for long.
    Source: Trading Post
    Model id: 104790
  • NEW  Armored Golden Pterrordax
    Description: Many an unwary direhorn has met its end in a flash of glittering gold before becoming this pterrordax’s next meal.
    Source: Trading Post
    Model id: 105477
  • NEW  Cerulean Marsh Hopper
    Description: Gottum’s expansion into export markets was inevitable with news of the Trading Post reaching even into the depths of the Frogmarsh.
    Source: Trading Post
    Model id: 105766
  • NEW  Whelpling
    Model id: 107459



New Transmog Sets Datamined!

New Bloodsail Buccaneer Armor Sets, Chain Mail Armor and even Grey and White Items can now be transmogged!



Weapon Appearances

New Weapon Transmogs are coming with Patch 10.0.5 aswell!