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Amirdrassil Tier Set DPS Overview – Strongest Tier Sets in Season 3

November 14, 2023

The DPS Overview for all the new Tier Sets in the upcoming Season 3 have been compiled by the Community, including the strongest performing Classes for Power Infusion and Wind Fury Totem

Thanks to Ulria and their Team to compile all the data for various Simulations. 

Tier Set Overview for Amirdrassil, The Dreams Hope

This Chart will showcase the DPS of each Class with their previous Tier Set from Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible, compared to the new Tier Set from Amirdrassil.

We listed only the differences in damage between the current 4-Piece Set compared to either a 2-Piece Aberrus and 2-Piece Amirdrassil, and then switching completely over to the new 4-Piece from Amirdrassil.

This List can help to find out if Players should switch from their 4-Piece Aberrus Set as soon as they get two new pieces from Amirdrassil, or wait for a full Set.

ClassAbberus 4-Tier Set PieceAberrus 2-Piece / Amirdrassil 2-PieceAmirdrassil 4-Tier Set Pieces
Unholy Death Knight137.462-0.17%1.63%
Frost Death Knight141.8061.52%3.04%
Blood Death Knight87.7414.46%4.20%
Havoc Demon Hunter146.6363.22%3.26%
Vengeance Demon Hunter95.8140.99%9.41%
Balance Druid145.3840.31%5.64%
Feral Druid144.804– 1.55%6.56%
Guardian Druid86.082– 5.03%4.79%
Devastation Evoker153.327– 1.81%– 0.09%
Beast Mastery Hunter144.882– 1.72%3.51%
Marksmanship Hunter132.011– 0.82%8.72%
Survival Hunter136.9790.43%10.79%
Fire Mage144.346– 3.17%– 0.07%
Frost Mage148.4991.31%1.64%
Arcane Mage139.2573.45%7.58%
Windwalker Monk140.251– 3.46%– 2.29%
Brewmaster Monk98.785– 1.27%– 0.95%
Retribution Paladin136.4324.26%7.06%
Protection Paladin102.906– 6.38%– 2.05%
Shadow Priest137.4742.79%4.74%
Assassination Rogue137.1080.63%5.44%
Subtlety Rogue147.3642.21%2.73%
Outlaw Rogue160.464– 2.18%0.48%
Enhancement Shaman152.539– 0.76%4.72%
Elemental Shaman138.627– 1.77%14%
Affliction Warlock132.888– 1.56%4.90%
Demonology Warlock150.196– 5.29%– 3.48%
Destruction Warlock141.466– 6.04%– 5.53%
Arms Warrior147.928– 2.10%0.48%
Fury Warrior140.0130.25%6.90%
Protection Warrior92.898– 1.81%2.05%

Power Infusion

Power Infusion is a spell by priests that grant other players 20% Haste for 15 seconds. Each Spec scales differently with this Buff, and this chart shows the best performing Classes with Power Infusion in Season 3.

This Data is from the first 40 seconds of a Boss fight, where all Classes use their strongest Cooldowns, including Blood Lust.

Unholy Death Knight10.06%
Devastation Evoker9.99%
Beast Mastery Hunter9.11%
Marksmanship Hunter8.93%
Affliction Warlock8%
Demonology Warlock7.33%
Arms Warrior7.12%
Assassination Rogue7.07%
Enhancement Shaman6.89%
Enhancement Shaman (Storm)6.51%
Survival Hunter6.34%
Destruction Warlock6.19%
Havoc Demon Hunter5.91%
Shadow Priest5.87%
Windwalker Monk5.03%
Elemental Shaman5%
Balance Druid4.99%
Fire Mage4.76%
Retribution Paladin4.69%
Feral Druid4.68%
Frost Death Knight4.48%
Arcane Mage3.61%
Subtlety Rogue3.60%
Frost Mage3.53%
Fury Warrior3.32%
Outlaw Rogue3.23%
Frost Death Knight (2-H Weapon)2.61%

Wind Fury Totem

Placed by Enhancement Shamans, the Wind Fury Totem will grant other Melee DPS in their group to have a 20% chance to strike an additional time with their Weapon.

Subtlety Rogue5.93%
Fury Warrior3.91%
Assassination Rogue3.79%
Frost Death Knight (1-H Weapon)3.30%
Outlaw Rogue2.84%
Frost Death Knight (2-H Weapon)2.61%
Arms Warrior2.01%
Havoc Demon Hunter1.96%
Feral Druid1.86%
Survival Hunter0.92%
Unholy Death Knight0.59%
Windwalker Monk0.47%
Retribution Paladin-0.04%

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