Blizzard Further Responds to Rogue Rework

September 16, 2023

Rogues are receiving large reworks in the upcoming Patch 10.2 – Guardians of the Dream. After large community feedback, Blizzard has even further responded to all the concerns raised by the players.

We have previously reported about Blizzards initial response about the upcoming Rogue rework.

Fun Fact! As an Outlaw Rogue, if you take Killing Spree with Dreadblades it will kill you even with Cheat Death ready. As funny it is we gotta fix that “Killing” Spree part.

Thanks for the heads up – this is now fixed internally and will make its way to PTR in a future update.

For now you can save Cloak for the debuff, or try to avoid using Killing Spree during Dreadblades.

They need to fix blade flurry cleaving through druid tranquility immunity and aspect of the turtle.

Yeah, true.

For those who have mentioned dissatisfaction with the current version of Grand Melee (the buff from Roll the Bones), we agree it is not yet hitting a perfect stride. We like that there now exists a buff associated directly with Blade Flurry, but recognizing the presence of the buff and subsequently being unintuitively forced to use Blade Flurry in single target situations has not been ideal. For that reason, adjustments have been made to Grand Melee which will be included in a future PTR build:

  • Damage increased by 5%.
  • Blade Flurry deals 10% additional damage to nearby enemies.

This results in slightly lower single target value from the effect (while no longer requiring Blade Flurry to extract that value) and slightly higher multi-target value at any target count above two.

I can jive with this. While it isn’t super relevant to me as a PvPer, will it only affect the damage of the Rogue’s abilities, or will it affect the damage of everything (trinkets namely) coming from the Rogue ala old Ghostly Strike?

Rogue’s damage only (abilities and melee auto-attack).

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