Blizzard Summer Sale – Save Up To 50% On Many Products

August 30, 2023

Blizzard has launched their Summer Sale 2023, and Players can save up to 50% on selected Products. The Seafarer Pack includes a Mount and Pet, which can now be purchased with a 50% discount.

Blizzard Summer Sale 2023

Sea the world and save up to 50% off the Seafarer’s Pack until September 17, 2023!

Sail all over Azeroth and beyond aboard The Dreadwake and be the scourge of the seas. Along with it, get three fierce little explorers to keep you company: Cap’n Crackers, Tottle the baby tortollan, and Dottie the alpaca.

Heed the last port of call and get all bundle items from the Shop before they leave the Shop indefinitely** on September 17, 2023.

If you already have one or more items from The Seafarer’s Pack available in your Collection, its price will automatically adjust. All items from The Seafarer’s Pack are also available as standalone purchases.

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If you’ve been looking to reinvent yourself or find friends on a new server, the time is nigh to stock up on select Game Services*** for up to 30% off—featuring Character Boost, Character Transfer, Faction Change, Name Change, and Race Change. You’ll also find special offers on select game services packs!

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Expand your horizons in WoW Classic and join new friends or old on their latest adventures when you transfer your character or characters with the Paid Character Transfer Service. You can now purchase multiple character transfers at a discount to use them all at once or as needed.


Save 50% on the Northrend Heroic Upgrade or Northrend Epic Upgrade.

Purchase the Northrend Heroic Upgrade or Northrend Epic Upgrade to get a trove of rare items, plus one character boost for Wrath of the Lich King to level 70 (limit one per World of Warcraft account; not usable on Death Knight characters).

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Warcraft III: Reforged takes you back to a tumultuous time in Azeroth’s history, when a dark shadow eclipsed a peaceful land, the world trembled before the coming of the Burning Legion, and heroes risked it all to prevent the death of their world.

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*Offer valid through September 17, 2023.
**All items included in the bundle leave the Shop indefinitely on September 17, 2023.  
***Certain character services not available for World of Warcraft®: Wrath of the Lich King™ Classic or World of Warcraft® Classic Era and Classic Hardcore characters. Consult the Shop page for details.
After September 17, the largest available Faction Change, Character Transfer and Race Change packs will include 6 respective game services for their current offer price of 8. Certain restrictions apply. All offers end on September 17, 2023. Offers for the World of Warcraft Character Boost pack end on September 17, 2023. After September 17, the largest available Character Boost pack will include 2 Character Boosts for the current offer price of 3, and the largest available Wrath Classic Character Transfer pack will include 6 Character Transfers for the current offer price of 8. Certain restrictions apply. All offers end on September 17, 2023.
Only available for WoW® Classic era. Characters cannot be transferred between modern World of Warcraft® and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic™ games. Not available on WoW Classic Hardcore Realms. Certain restrictions apply. Visit our Support article for more details and information on free character transfers.
†† The same restrictions as the Northrend Heroic Upgrade apply; upgrading from Northrend Heroic Upgrade to Northrend Epic Upgrade does not grant a second character boost.

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