Bloody Tokens from War Mode Reward 366 Item Level Gear

Whenever you complete PvP objectives in War Mode, you are rewarded with Bloody Tokens which can be used to buy Itemlevel 366 Gear. 

Best Way to Get Bloody Tokens

 Bloody Tokens are a currency that is awarded when you complete PvP objectives in War Mode.


War Mode Crates

The most efficient way to get  Bloody Tokens are through War Mode crates. At random times, an emote will play and you’ll see an icon on your map indicating a plane. This plane will fly across the map and eventually drop a crate. The first person to successfully channel on the crate will claim it for their faction.

We’d recommend also looking in the Group Finder for War Mode crates groups. Safety in numbers in War Mode!

Your first crate per day will award you with 200  Bloody Tokens. Future crates for the day will earn you 50  Bloody Tokens. 200  Bloody Tokens is already enough for a cheap piece of gear!


War Mode World Quests

There are also 2 War Mode World Quests every day. You cannot see them on your map until you leave Valdrakken and generally reward around 50  Bloody Tokens upon completion.


War Mode PvP

Killing players of the opposing faction in War Mode will also earn you small amounts of  Bloody Tokens.



Where to Turn in Bloody Tokens

You can turn in your Bloody Tokens in Valdrakken at 43.08 42.22 at the NPC Fieldmaster Emberath.