Changes to Halls of Valor and Temple of the Jade Serpent – Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+

January 11, 2023

Blizzard continues to implement changes to the current Dungeons of the Dragonflight Season 1. Just now, Peril and Strife in Temple of the Jade Serpent have been nerfed. Read more..

The last few days have seen many changes to a lot of Dungeons from Dragonflight Season 1. Most of the changes have been included in the latest Patch Notes, but some other changes have been implemented quietly. 

Just now, Blizzard has nerfed the second Boss in the Tempel of the Jade Serpent. They also added a new visual effect for Sanctify, used by Hyrja in the Halls of Valor.


Halls of Valor

Hyrja uses Sanctify whenever she is empowered by Mystic Empowerment: Holy. This ability has to be dodged, otherwise players take deadly damage. 

This effect has now received a new visual effect, to help players detect those deadly projectiles easier.



Temple of the Jade Serpent

There has been some changes implemented to Strife and Peril in the Temple of the Jade Serpent. This change was made by Blizzard to lower the heal requirement of this encounter.