DPS Rankings for Patch 10.2 PTR – Single Target Simulations

November 5, 2023

Just a few days before Patch 10.2 – Guardians of the Dream releases, and we have prepared our final DPS Rankings for the upcoming Season 3.

As per usual, our Disclaimer for the current DPS Rankings:

  • SimulationCraft might still be unstable
  • All Characters were simmed with similar Gear (Crafted Items, Season 2 Trinkets, Amirdrassil Weapons)
  • Data for Talent Trees have been gathered by Class Discord / Warcraftlogs
  • Changes can happen at any time, especially at Season 3 release on November 15th
  • Simulated DPS does not represent a real situation.

How to find Patch 10.2 PTR Logs

For all players that are interested in checking out all Logs that were used in our conclusion, you can find all publicized Logs of the Patch 10.2 PTR on Warcraftlogs. 

How to Join Your Class Discord

Discord is a Voice Chat program which can be used, similar to other Social Media Platforms, to engage in text chat with other people, like a forum. Each Class in World of Warcraft has their own, renowned Class Discord which specializes exclusively onto that one specific Class and all of their Specializations.

DPS Rankings Season 3 - Dragonflight Patch 10.2

In our current findings, we have summarized the DPS Rankings for Dragonflight Patch 10.2 – Guardians of the Dream.

SimCraft – 5 minutes – Patchwerk
Feral Druid209.337Source
Balance Druid207.439Source
Outlaw Rogue206.961Source
Havoc Demon Hunter204.293Source
Beast Mastery Hunter203.362Source
Subtlety Rogue200.121Source
Shadow Priest196.056Source
Enhancement Shaman194.681Source
Fire Mage193.257Source
Devastation Evoker191.238Source
Frost Mage190.434Source
Arcane Mage188.711Source
Survival Hunter188.027Source
Affliction Warlock187.613Source
Retribution Paladin187.538Source
Arms Warrior187.211Source
Demonology Warlock184.493Source
Elemental Shaman182.581Source
Unholy Death Knight181.651Source
Fury Warrior178.421Source
Windwalker Monk175.501Source
Destruction Warlock175.127Source
Assassination Rogue168.055Source
Frost Death Knight157.938Source
Marksmanship Hunter157.139Source
Augmentation Evoker 

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