Dragonflight Beta DPS Rankings Week 7 – Mythic Raid Test, Heavy Nerfs

It is Friday, and we have been finally running the last Mythic Raid Test on the Dragonflight Beta for Vaults of the Incarnates.

We compiled again dozens of Logs to present you our Dragonflight Beta DPS Rankings for this weeks Mythic Raid Test. We additionally received heavy nerfs to certain classes, just before the Raidtest started.

Including Nerfs to Balance Druid, Unholy Death Knight, Retribution Paladin, Havoc Demonhunter and more. We want to incentivize to take those charts with care. These will only reflect the recent Raidtest, which have been favoring different classes on different fights. 

While Terros is a purely Singletarget Fight, it includes heavy movement which affects casters negatively.

Kuranog is a most likely consistent 2-Target Fight, which also is going to affect classes that have a stronger Area-of-Effect specialization.

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Disclaimer – Please Read

  • Builds are not final, and are still tested.
  • These charts do NOT reflect a final DPS Overview
  • Itemlevel was scaled and equilized
  • ‘Evaluating Logs are no Simulations’
  • Player Skill has a huge impact in Logs, and can vary for each player

Mythic Terros – Vaults of the Incarnates

Dragonflight Beta DPS Rankings Week 7 - Mythic Terros

Mythic Terros is a purely Singletarget Fight, which includes a lot of movement. This will affect casters negatively, and favors Melees way more. 

We were still able to see Fire Mages to be one of the strongest Classes, with the Ability to use multiple Instant Spells and cast Scorch while moving. The same applies to Beast Mastery Hunters.

Mythic Kurog Grimtotem – Vaults of the Incarnates

Our Conclusion – What happened?

Lets compare this weeks DPS Rankings with last week.

Over the course of the last week, we have seen Blizzard finishing their Design phase of all classes, and started to focus on class tuning. We have seen significant buffs and nerfs to –

  • Slight Buff to Feral Druids
  • Significant Buff to Destruction Warlocks 
  • Significant Buff to Survival Hunters
  • Nerfs to Retribution Paladin
  • Nerfs to Balance Druids Single Target
  • Nerfs to Havoc Demonhunters
  • Buffs to Assasination Rogues and Sublety Rogues
  • Nerfs to Unholy Death Knights and their Tier Set


The whole DPS Rankings have been shaken up due to all those significant changes. We have seen strong nerfs to classes that have been performing overly strong, and bringing up classes that performed on the weaker side in the past week.

In comparison to last weeks DPS Rankings, Fire Mages have dodged the bullet and remained unchanged on the Top Position of our chart. 

For Warlocks we can see all three specs being closer to each other, due to the most recent buff to Destruction Warlocks. Especially in the Kuranog Mythic fight, Destruction Warlocks have been shining pretty well, while they have been just close behind Affliction Warlocks on Terros.

Especially on Mythic Terros, many groups were able to bring the Boss close to defeat, which enabled the so-called ‘Execute Phase’ for many classes. This has been a clear benefit for Arms Warriors, which surpassed Fury Warriors in our DPS Rankings.

Devastation Evokers have been raised in our chart due to other classes were lowered in their performance. This can also be explained with more time passing by, and people mastering this new Hero Class even more then before.


‘We want our readers to keep in mind that we have seen Logs with many different classes peeking in their performance, surpassing the other classes easily, but we had to take an average of Player’s performance. Evaluating Logs are no Simulations!’

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