Dragonflight Beta Raid Test DPS Comparison Week 4

On Thursday, the 29th of September, Blizzard finally launched their first test for the upcoming Raid in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. With Terros as the second boss in the Vault of the Incarnates, Blizzard gave us a good look into a pure Single Target fight with just some bare movement. We summarized a dozen of Logs on Warcraft Logs to show you a DPS Ranking of all classes that we were able to find in these.

  • This is an Early Look into the classes on the Beta – nothing is final.
  • Builds are tested, and therefore not optimized yet.
  • Boss was tested before Boomkin Nerf.
  • No Tier Sets were used.
  • No sufficient data to declare a Spec being stronger/weaker then the other.
  • Player Skill is a big factor, that we sadly cannot exclude from these Logs.
  • ‘Evaluating Logs are not Simulations!’

Table of Contents


The Boomkin Dilemma

We had to be subjective with the current performance on Boomkin, otherwise we would have seen Feral Druids performing in just 30%-40% of the strengths of the Boomkin. In many Logs we found Boomkin to overperform by a big margin, due to its pretty recent rework of their Talent Tree. This new Talent Tree has not been tested much before the Raid Test started, and strongly overperformed in many situations, especially in AoE situations on the first Boss of the Raid Eranog. Blizzard has already nerfed the new Talent Tree, and we will keep you updated as soon as we see more data.

Which Rogue Spec to chose?

This is seemingly a question that many rogues are asking themself. With the recent changes to their talent tree, which removed the Damage Reduction Group Buff from the Assasination Tree, and moved it to the General Rogue Tree, many believe that Outlaw is the only way to go, due to their high damage output additionally to the insane group buff they granting.

Assasination Rogues have not seen a lot of play in the Logs we evaluated, thanks to all the Streamers, Youtubers and commited Beta Testers. We found that Assasination Rogue might be really underrated, due to its really high damage but missing group buff that the Outlaw Rogue is granting.

Outlaw Rogue performance on Terros has been extremly strong, and has seen a lot of play. Due to the high amount of Outlaw Rogues represented in the latest Raid Test, we were able to establish a high ranking for them.

Top Performance with a Lot of Play

Retribution Paladin, Enhancement Shaman and Windwalker Monk have been seen in most likely every single Log we could find, and they consistently performed really strong. We understand that evaluating Logs is not the same as Simulations, due to the high effect of player skill, but we were able to see those specs performing really strong in almost every Log.

Where the Hunters at?

We sadly couldnt find any Log with Survival Hunter being tested. This should also be an indicator for you, the reader, that those ratings are not final yet, and many changes will happen troughout the upcoming weeks.

Beast Mastery has been already performing really strong in Single Target during Shadowlands, without being the fan-favorite spec of the community. This continues in the Logs of the recent Raid Test of Vault of the Incarnates.

Marksman has been seen closely behind the damage of Beast Mastery Hunter, while many classes seemingly were close together in the upper middle field of the DPS meters.

What about Evoker?

We found many Logs containing no Devastation Evoker, but were still able to get some information about it’s current DPS performance in the Raid Test of Terros. 

Evokers are currently the middlefield of the damage meters, but this is easily explainable

  • New Class – No previous Skill appearant
  • Not much theorycrafting has been done about it
  • Lack of Informations about the class

We expect to see Evokers to change their ranking as soon people are investing and commiting more time into the specc, and also share it with the community.

The Bottom Line – Warlocks, Shaman and Ferals

With all the information we were able to gather, we found that Elemental Shamans, Affliction Warlocks and Feral Druids are currently underperforming in the current Raid Test.

We took an average from all the informations provided to us, and also couldnt find much information about those three specs. From all we gathered, they have not yet performed on par with most other specs, while Feral Druid seemed to be the weakest of them all. With this being said, you would likely see a Buff to those specs, as soon as we can provide more data to Blizzard.

We also found Warlocks as Destruction or Demonology to perform in the lower middlefield, with Affliction being the weakest of them. 


Please take all the informations given in this post with care! 

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