Dragonflight Beta Week 5 DPS Comparison - Tier Sets, Class Nerfs

We are in Week 5 of the Dragonflight Beta, and Blizzard finally released all Class Tier Sets. Those are available for players to purchase from Setzertauren in Orgrimmar, and the respective Vendor in Stormwind. 

Just in time for the upcoming Mythic Raid Test on Friday, the 07th of October, we made some internal testing and tested all damage dealer on a Training Dummy in Orgrimmar.


  • Testing was done on iLevel 340 Gear with the additional Tier Set Gear purchasable
  • Tests were made in Single Target for 300 seconds per Fight
  • No Buffs like Arcane Intellect were used, but only personal buffs like Arcane Familiar
  • No Potions, Bloodlust or any kind of Consumables were used
  • We are no professionals – Your experience may vary from our data
  • ‘Evaluating Logs are no Simulations’
  • Builds were tested, and can still vary


Let us Talk about This!

Whats happening with Retribution Paladin?

In our previous DPS Summary, we already established Retribution Paladin to be one of the strongest specs in the current Beta. Due to recent Nerfs to other classes, even slight nerfs to Balance Druid , we see Retribution Paladin exceptionally great. This is obviously subject to change, and we might see some balacing in upcoming builds.

Where the Rogue’s at?

The most powerful damage ability of Assasination Rogues were Instant Poison. Due to a recent nerf to Instant Poision, stated in our Patch Summary, we have seen a significant nerf to Assasination Rogues. The state of Outlaw Rogue remains unchanged.


And what about those Dragon Boys and Girls?

We were finally able to establish a good base for Evoker, and lifted his damage ranking up way higher then it was before. The community has provided a lot of ressources and information about Evoker, and it is awesome to see that this class sees a lot of fans.


What about the other classes?

In comparison from our post from last week, most of the classes remained on a similar position then before. Frost Deathknight Buffs were less significant then we would have thought on the first glimpse. Many abilities were buffed, while the main multiplier for most of its abilities was reduced by 6%.


But why Feral Druid Nerfs?

In this Beta Build, Feral Druids received a significant nerf, even though they have been already underperforming before. We assume that Blizzard tried to reduce the damage output of Convoke the Spirits, due to its extremly high burst damage, but sadly this has pushed this spec even further down then it already was.

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