Dragonflight DPS Rankings for Mythic+ – Guide Writer First Impression

With the Dragonflight Pre-Patch 10.0 just a few hours away from us, players all over Azeroth are desperate to know – ‘What is going to be the best class in Dragonflight?‘ And we will not be able to give you the answer to that, because we are not Khadgar, capable of timetravelling. We are taking a look into our internal testing of the Dragonflight Beta, and with the good help of ‘Riplockthegod‘, we are diving into a Tier List for the Dragonflight DPS Rankings.

Table of Contents


  • This List does NOT reflect a final DPS Ranking.
  • This Tier List is purely for entertainment purpose only.
  • This chart only reflects our personal Impression during the Dragonflight Beta.
  • Consider this List with care!
  • This List does reflect our Opinion in Mythic Keystones, not Raids.
  • Talent Trees shown in this List are not final!

Rogues – Assasination, Subtlety and Outlaw

Outlaw Rogue

There would have been no Tier on the List high enough for Outlaw Rogues, if they would still have the Cooldown reduction affecting all party members. We are really happy that this ability is not making its way into Dragonflight. This would have been an insane gamechanger. Instead, with significant nerfs to the buffs granted by Roll the Bones, we still feel that Outlaw Rogues are granting a huge addition to your party. Shroud is, and always will be an incredibly strong Utility for your party while progressing through a Mythic Keystone Dungeon.

Outlaw Rogues will consistently play with 7 Combopoints, due to the fact they can skill Deeper Strategem twice. This will also increase its own cooldown reduction for many of its offensive abilities. Thistle Tea might be a good pick in the general Rogue Tree, but Outlaw Rogues will not heavily benefit from the Mastery gain of it. Otherwise, with a new ability Keep it Rolling, you will be able to extend the duration of your Roll the Bones benefits by 30 seconds. This can be used whenever you are having a lucky roll. 

Otherwise, without many changes to Outlaw, it still remains an incredibly strong pick for Mythic Keystone Dungeons. As already said, Shroud is something that cannot be compensated with any other Utility, and will be potentially the reason why your group wants to pick a Rogue into your next dungeon run. 

We are still giving Outlaw just an A-Tier, especially because we didnt require a Shroud in our Test Runs, but Outlaw Rogues could easily become S-Tier as soon we are approaching more difficult key levels. After all the nerfs, there are other classes that currently perform just slightly stronger then Outlaw Rogue in the Overall performance.



It has been a devastating blow, whenever Assasination Rogues were hit with an incredible 35% nerf on all abilities. During that time, Assasination Rogues were just on par with Outlaw Rogues, which also got nerfed, but not as significant as Assasination. Since then, Blizzard has returned some of the damage of Assasination Rogues, but not to its full extend.

Crimson Tempest might be a new idea to play since its just most recent nerf, but we havent been able to test this out just yet. Otherwise, Assasination Rogues remain really strong in Single Target, while they are lacking the necessary AoE damage for Mythic Keystone Dungeons.

There is also no notable Shadowlands Legendary carrying over to Dragonflight. Dashing Scoundrel remains in the game, but requires 3 talent points to be on the same level as before. 

Especially if your group is looking for a Rogue, using his Shroud to make your Dungeon Route as planned, you might be better off by bringing an Outlaw Rogue, again! We sadly have to give Assasination Rogues the lowest Ranking for Mythic+. Assasination Rogues have seen an incredible strong performance in PvP, but this is sadly what our rating is not about.


Subtlety Rogue

Rogues in general have been a rollercoaster with their up’s and down’s during the tuning phase of the Dragonflight Beta. While we can see all three Rogue specs performing similar on most Raid Bosses, the situation doesnt look the same in Mythic Dungeons. With the only Rogue spec skilling into Shadow Dance in their general tree, Subtlety Rogues are far off the performance of their bigger brothers, the Outlaw Rogue.

Subtlety Rogues will have access to both Covenant Abilities Flagellation and Echoing Reprimand. Otherwise, we decided for Subtlety to go for Marked for Death instead of opting into a 7th Combo Point. While all Rogues are doing a ‘somewhat‘ similar damage performance in Raid Bosses, we cant say this about Subtlety in Mythic Keystone Dungeons.

Far behind its big brother, the Outlaw Rogue, Subtlety will provide a strong focus target damage as a good point for their utility in Dungeons. Otherwise, their overall damage output is greater then the ones of Assasination Rogues, ranking them similar as they were in Shadowlands.

We hoped we could have seen them shuffling around, and not leaving us with the same order of all Rogue specs as it was in the end of Shadowlands, but we have to give Subtlety a C-Tier Ranking, just above Assasination, but way below Outlaw Rogues.

Hunter – Beast Mastery, Marksmanship and Survival

Beast Mastery Hunter

The new Talent Trees of Dragonflight can solve many issues that many classes had during the recent years. We feel that Blizzard did a great job identifying these issues, taking all given feedback in consideration, and this is reflected in the Beast Mastery Hunter talent tree for Dragonflight.

While Beast Cleave is active, your Kill Command now strikes all nearby enemies for 50% of the damage dealt. With some talents in the general tree which increase the damage of your pet, and Kill Command, you also gain a second charge on Kill Command. This allows Beast Mastery Hunter to finally gain back some of their glory in Mythic Keystone Dungeons. Otherwise, Beast Masters remain extremly mobile with all the spells being instant. This has always allowed them to be very versatile with handling mechanics.

The Necrolord Ability Death Chakram makes a comeback into Dragonflight. This, aswell an instant spell, will deal heavy AoE damage and generates extra focus for you. Barbed Shot remains one key mechanic in the Beast Mastery Hunter rotation, increasing the damage their pet deals. It will also cause your Pet to Stomp, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

This has also worked out extremly well in the Dragonflight Beta. Initially Beast Mastery Hunters were not in line with other classes due to a Bug that made Beast Cleave to trigger too many times. This was fixed, but Beast Masters remain a really strong spot in the List. 


Survival Hunter

Coming next to the two specs in the Dragonflight Beta that havent seen much appreciation by the community. Survival Hunters were one of the best Classes during Shadowlands Season 3 and Season 4. A big factor for this were their Shadowlands Tier Sets that have now been removed.

We do not have Talent Tree ready for Survival Hunters. This Spec hasnt seen much play during the Dragonflight Beta, and there is sadly not much information out there. But why? In comparison to Shadowlands, Survival Hunters have lost many things that made them so great at the end of the expansion. With few people testing this spec, with many different variations to the Talent Tree, it seems that Survival Hunters have picked the wrong straw in that circumstance. Whenever we met a Survival Hunter in our journey troughout the Beta, it was crushed in damage by almost every other class. 

But this doesnt mean that there is no hope for Survival Hunters. They have received a buff pretty recently, which will potentially bring more people back into checking it out. Shadowlands Off-Season 4 might bring back more players into this Spec to see how it performs. Clearly, in the Off-Season we will still have the Shadowlands Legendaries, which are actually missing in the Survival Hunter talent tree. In comparison to other classes, like Feral which have 4 Legendaries skilled in their Talent Tree, this might have a huge impact on Survival Hunters. And we can almost certain say, that everytime a class is performing too strong, it will be nerfed. If a class is too weak, it will be buffed. 


Marksmanship Hunter

Very stationary, and early in the game starved by Focus, Marksmanship Hunters are currently the best damage dealer that are hold back by quiet a few flaws. Their Tier Set granting sometimes 100% critical strike chance to arcane shot, which will then grant your next Aim Shot 40% increased damage. 

Explosive Shot grants a great additional source of AoE damage, while Trick Shots causes your Aimed Shot or Rapid Fire to ricochet up to 7 additional targets whenever your multi shot hit 3 targets. Volley is back in the talent tree, which grants the effect of Trick Shot for its 6 second duration, granting a huge burst window whenever timed correctly.

The Necrolord Covenant Ability is also making its way into the general Hunter talent tree. The Shadowlands Legendary Serpentstalker’s Trickery is also a great choice for the Marksman Talent Tree. Eagletaelon’s True Focus and Surging Shots are also back in the talent tree.

With three Shadowlands Legendaries built into the talent tree, Marksmanship Hunters have great potential. Sadly, they are very limit due to being hardcasting their spells and very stationary. This leads us to rank Marksman below Beast Mastery Hunter, even if they pack almost comparable damage.

Mages – Fire, Frost and Arcane

Frost Mages

Despite being not strong in Single Target Raid bosses, as our recent Raid Test summary showed, Frost Mages are actually capable of providing decent damage in multi-target situations. Mages have been a lot of fun to play on the Dragonflight Beta due to their general talent tree. Frost Mages felt really dynamic with the amount of instant spells they have, similar to Fire Mages.

Sadly, Frost Mages do almost not differ from their previous version Shadowlands. You are still using the same abilities as before, including the Night Fae Covenant Ability Shifting Power. Otherwise, Frost Mages will really shine in multi-target situations with instant Blizzards, Frozen Orb and a lot of Ice Lances proccing regularly. With an Intellect Buff they provide to other casters, Time Warp and even now Mass Polymorph (if needed), Frost Mages do pack a lot for your next Dungeon run.

We sadly cannot rank Frost Mages as high as our S-Tier classes due to its damage being lower then those. But we felt this spec was a lot of fun, and deserves a fair A-Tier Ranking.

Fire Mages

As shown in our recent Raid Test summary, Fire Mages have been performing exceptionally well. But we also found out that one reason for this might be a new Trinket from Algeth’ar Academy. This Trinket has a 4 Minute cooldown, and spawns a rune for 15 seconds that decreases every players critical strike chance by ~2000 but increases primary stats by ~4000. This almost doubles the damage output of every class, while Fire mages are complety unaffected by the decrease of critical strike rating due to their Combustion grating 100% critical strike chance regardless.

Initially really counterintuitive, we didnt go for a Flame Strike build on the right side. Instead, Fire Mages hasnt received many changes to its previous playstyle in Shadowlands. Living Bomb has been proven to be currently a really weak spell, and with Phoenix Flames already spreading Ignite to multiple targets, we can see Fire Mages in a similar spot in Raids as in Mythic Keystone Dungeons.

Also with the Covenant Ability of Night Faes – Shifting Power, there are not many big changes to Fire Mages. We really like the amount of Instant spells, as with Frost Mages, but its damage output is potentially higher then Frost, so we have to give Fire Mages an S-Tier currently. Keep in mind that this might be inflated due to this unique trinket scaling too high for Fire Mages, and as long this exists, it will be a full-time part of Fire Mages.


Arcane Mages

Not many changes to Arcane Mage either, and this spec also doesnt have the amount of instant spells as Frost and Fire Mages. Arcane Mages has been a lot of fun anyway, with a new spell Arcane Surge. This spell will use all of your remaining mana, and then increase your Mana Regeneration by 425%, filling your mana up completly.

The Night Fae Covenant Ability remains aswell a great pick for Arcane Mages. Every Arcane Charge will cause your Arcane Barrage to hit an additional target, which will be used as your finishing ability. Every time Arcane Missiles hit an enemy, it grants a damage bonus to arcane barrage, stacking up to 20 times. With the addition of Arcane Surge, its really hard for Arcane Mages to run out of Mana anytime soon, even while spamming Arcane Blast on all Arcane Charges.

Sadly, despite being a lot of fun and actually providing a lot of Single Target damage, we havent seen in our runs any success on Arcane Mages. This might scale up whenever Keystones are getting more difficult, but with other fast cleaving classes like Windwalkers and Feral Druids, Arcane Mage has to receive a C-Tier for now.

Warlock – Affliction, Destruction and Demonology

Afflicition Warlock

With the Night Fae Covenant Ability Soul Rot making its comeback in the Talent Tree of Affliction Warlocks, this Class has been playing pretty similar to previous versions of it. Additionally, Inevitable Demise is coming back aswell, the Azerite Power from Battle for Azeroth that increases the damage of your next Drain Soul by 15%, stacking up 50 times everytime Agony deals damage.

As Affliction, you want to maintain your three debuffs, Unstable Affliction, Corruption and Agony, up consistently. In a multi target situation, you will use Seed of Corruption, which also spreads to 2 additional targets everytime you use it.  

Instead of skilling the Shadowlands Legendary Grand Warlocks Design which reduces the cooldown of Darkglare, we are going for Grim Reach, which makes Darkglare’s 50% of its damage to spread to all enemies afflicted by any of your debuffs.

We feel that almost every Warlock spec currently has similar potential in many situations, but it has not been very overwhelming in their damage performance. Healthstones is a Utility that should never be underestimated, due to its 1 minute cooldown. Curses can also have a great effect on enemies hurting your tanks. We put Affliction Warlocks in the middle of the List on the B-Tier.


Destruction Warlock

Destruction Warlocks are getting put infront of many difficult decisions in their Talent Tree. In Dragonflight, they have to chose between their Best Legendary from Shadowlands, or the amazing Talent Rain of Chaos which can spawn additional Infernals. Their Shadowlands Tier Set also remains in the Talent Tree and is still a great choice for Destruction Warlocks.

Destruction Warlocks are also not granted many new toys to play with. Channel Demonfire is a new spell, that has proven itsself as a really strong pick. In Combination with Cataclysm, it will deal damage to each target afflicted by Immolate and additional targets around them. Rolling Havoc has been a really strong Azerite Power from Battle for Azeroth that is now making its comeback, increasing your damage done by 2%, stacking up to 5 times, each time you duplicate a spell with Havoc. 

Both the 2-set and 4-set bonuses from the Shadowlands Tier Set remain as a strong pick in their talent tree. Havoc will also cause your Chaos Bolt to explode and deal moderate damage to enemies within 8 yards of your target. Destruction Warlocks just recently received strong buffs from Blizzard, which have brought them up from a very underwhelming performance, and brought them in line with other Warlock specs. Therefore, we are giving Destruction Warlocks the same ranking as Affliction Warlocks, and put them into the middle of the List.


Demonology Warlock

Who let the dogs out? Yes, its Demonology Warlocks. Aswell, as other Warlock specs, without many new toys to play with, your Dreadstalkers will be a significant factor in your playstyle.

With Dreadlash, your Dreadstalkers AoE ability, having a chance to procc an additional time, Demonology Warlocks AoE damage has seen a significant increase. With the Talent Antoran Armaments, your Soul Strike now also deals 25% of its damage to nearby enemies. 

The general rotation of Demonology Warlocks consist of the same abilities as during Shadowlands. You are spending your Soul Shards on Hand of Guldan to spawn more Wild Imps to assist you in your fight. Those Imps shall be used for Implosion briefly before they expire. You Soul Strike and Dreadstalkers on Cooldown. To gain Soul Shards, use Shadow Bolt if you have no instant Demon Bolts ready to use. Your Demon Tyrant increases the duration of your currently active demons, and should be used whenever your Dreadstalkers are summoned and still alive, additionally with as many Wild Imps as you can.

With all the new found damage in multi target situations, while remaining the same strong performance as Demonology Warlocks had during Shadowlands Season 3 and Season 4, we have to rank Demonology Warlocks just a bit above the other Warlocks specs, and give them the A-Tier

Death Knights – Unholy and Frost

Unholy Death Knights

With insanly high burst damage, Unholy Death Knights have been providing a lot of damage troughout a Mythic Keystone Dungeon. Sadly, if you compare Unholy’s to other specs like Havoc Demon Hunter, you will easily face the reality of a hard to play spec with a complicated rotation. This is not going to be easy for players without any experience in Unholy Death Knights, as we felt ourself in our testing. Despite the difficulty of Death Knights, we were able to perform exceptionally well in Dungeons.

With Abomination Limb moving forward into Dragonflight, Death Knights continue their strong gripping abilities.

The whole playstyle of Unholy Death Knights is about establishing Diseases on enemies, including the most important Festering Wounds. Enemies can be affected by up to 6 Festering Wounds, that you can pop by using Scourge Strike, dealing heavy AoE damage. But the difficulty of Death Knights is the amount of individual small cooldowns that you have to use in the correct order and moment. 

As you as you master the playstyle of Unholy Death Knights, you will be rewarded with an insanly strong damage dealer troughout all content. This class is worthy an S-Tier ranking in our opinion.

Frost Death Knight

Blizzard added in the general Death Knight tree the ability for your Obliterate to hit a second target while you remain in your Death and Decay. This will cause a lot of Death Knights to scream whenever Tanks are suddenly moving enemies out of it. This has never been a thing for Frost Death Knights before, but we can already hear all the Frost Death Knights screaming about this.

We used 1-handed Weapons in our talent tree, but if you want to use a 2-handed weapon, you have to skill Might of the Frozen Wastes on the bottem left side of the Frost Death Knight talent tree. Wielding a 2h-Weapon will increase your Obliterate damage by 30%. 

The Shadowlands Legendary Biting Cold is making a comeback into the Frost Death Knights talent tree, additionally with Absolute Zero. This has the strong utility of freezing all enemies hit for 3 seconds, saving potentially the life of your group in certain dangerous moments. Otherwise, with Abomination Limb in the general tree, we really feel that this ability has been making a really good impression during Shadowlands, that we would feel that the class wouldnt feel complete without it anymore.

Damage of Frost Death Knights isnt really strong, in comparison to Windwalkers, Feral Druids or Enhancement Shamans, but its also not completly bad. Unholy Death Knights will overshadow the Frost spec by any means, which causes us to give Frost Death Knights a C-Tier Ranking. There is a clear lack of overall utility that the class provides. Anti-Magic Zone is really situational, and will require all party members to stack together, while other classes like Protection Warriors could just utilize their Shield Wall. 

Shamans – Elemental and Enhancement

Enhancement Shaman

Whilst being already extremly strong during the last Season of Shadowlands, blessed by many refreshing changes to Enhancement Shamans, they are also looking to be a great pick for the upcoming expansion: Dragonflight.

Enhancement Shamans have now access to Thunderstorm, knocking enemies away from you. This has been previously a spell exclusive to Elemental Shamans. Stoneskin Totem grants all party members 10% physical damage reduction for 15 seconds, on a 30 seconds cooldown. This can benefit Tanks the most. We avoided skilling the Earth Elemental in our Talent Tree due to Death Knight Tanks in the urgent need of proccing their Shattering Bone by taking direct damage.

Otherwise, there has been no significant changes to the playstyle of Enhancement Shamans. Spirit Wolfs’ cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds whenever you gain a stack of Maelstrom Weapon. This has caused us to summon Spirit Wolfs extremly quick again after already using it. With only 90 seconds cooldown, it requires only 45  Maelstrom Weapon stacks to fully reset the cooldown of Spirit Wolf. This is similar to the Shadowlands Legendary Witch Doctor’s Wolf Bones. Also, the Shadowlands Legendary Deeply Rooted Elements remains in your talent tree, causing your Stormstrike to have a 8% chance to activate Ascendance. And Legacy of the Frost Witch Legendary will remain in a reduced form in the Talent Tree aswell. 

The simplicity of Enhancement Shamans, but still dynamic gameplay has caught us by surprise. This is paired with an insanely high damage output, and puts Enhancement Shamans well deserved into S-Tier Ranking.


Elemental Shaman

Sadly, Elemental Shamans felt very similar to their previous version during Shadowlands. With Elemental Blast now replacing Earth Shock due to your talent tree, this remains the only change that we were able to figure out.

A lot of your damage comes still from Earthquake, dealing a lot of AoE Damage. Your Mastery Elemental Overload is also still one of your key abilities. Every spell can cause a replica to be casted to the enemy with reduced power. Otherwise, with Icefury still being a great pick as a talent, we couldnt find any big changes to Elemental Shamans.

This does not mean that Elemental Shamans can perform very strong in damage. They are clearly weaker then their brothers and sisters, the Enhancement Shaman. With similar Utility like the Stoneskin Totem and Thunderstorm, we have to give the Elemental Shaman a B-Tier.

Druids – Feral and Balance

Feral Druids

We are happy to celebrate Feral Druids being an exceptionally strong pick for Mythic+. The class was starved for a long time, put into most likely Single Target situations over their Balance Druids brothers and sisters.

With the new Talent Tree, Feral Druids can provide a consistent amount of AoE-Damage burst, which doesnt require strong cooldowns like Convoke the Spirits. With a bigger focus on bleeding damage, Feral Druids provide a consistent amount of damage output every single time you engage into a trash pack. 

Feral Druids received everything they have been asking for during the recent years. Finally, they can provide Innervate to healers in their party. Nature’s Vigil is the Druid version of the Shadow Priest’s Vampiric Embrace. Typhoon, Incapacitating Roar, Stampeding Roar and Mass Entanglement gives the Feral Druid great Crowd Control, which were previously reserved to other Druid Specs.

In the Feral Talent Tree, you are able to pick up the 2-Set Bonus of your Shadowlands Tier Set, and stunning 4 Shadowlands Legendaries. Apex Predator’s Craving, Circle of Life and Death, Ashamane’s Guidance and Berserk: Frenzy have been difficult choices during Shadowlands, favoring either Single Target or AoE Situations. Now, Feral Druids have received an insane toolkit with consistent AoE Burst damage.

We are happy to announce that this also works out extremly well, not just on paper. Feral Druids have been performing extremly strong in Mythic+ during the Draongflight Beta, and we are happy to rank them into the S-Tier in our List.


Balance Druids

Clearly a bumpy ride over the course of the last weeks, Balance Druids have seen multiple nerfs and buffs at the same time. With the return of Wild Mushroom, proccing random Full Moons, and an insane Astral Power gain, Balance Druids have been performing pretty well for a long time on the Dragonflight Beta. 

Balance Druids receive the best Traits of past times back into their Talent Tree. Faerie Dragons and Goldrinn are making a comeback to Balance Druids, aswell as the Wild Mushrooms exploding for decent AoE damage.

Balance Druids gain great Haste due to Starlord and Nature’s Grace. Circle of Life and Death and Balance of all Things were two Shadowlands Legendaries, and Orbit Breaker is a revamped version of a Torghast Anima Power. 

With similar Crowd Control as Feral Druids, we would love to rank Balance Druids a little higher then we did, but sadly we dont feel that Balance Druids are on par with their Cat brothers and sisters. 

Warriors – Arms and Fury

Arms Warrior

Arms Warriors have received a significant change to their playstyle. Whilst being a slow button press class during Shadowlands, Arms has turned into a fast pressing spec, compareable to Fury Warriors during Shadowlands. With the Return of many excellent Azerite Powers from Battle for Azeroth, Arms Warriors return to Dragonflight with their old strengths.

Test of Might and Dreadnaught are the most notable Azerite Powers making a comeback with Dragonflight. Also, Warriors will receive some of the strongest Conduits from Shadowlands back in Dragonflight. Merciless Bonegrinder has been a significant change to the damage performance for Warriors in Mythic Keystone Dungeons during Shadowlands.

Due to the new Tier Set in Dragonflight granting damage to Mortal Strike and Cleave, we are making sure to also pick up that Talent in our Talent Tree. For Arms Warriors, Juggernaut can stack up to 12 stacks, granting an insane Execute damage for long Raid Bosses. With Blood and Thunder, Arms Warriors can now also spread Rend to 5 targets close to them by just using Thunderclap once. With Bloodsurge granting your bleedings a chance to generate 5 Rage, Arms Warriors pack an insane Rage gain and therefore a fast playstyle.

In comparison to other damage dealer, Arms Warriors will not be able to peek as high as Feral Druids or Windwalkers, and have to be ranked lower therefore. We range it into the middle to a B-Tier. Anyways, we felt that this spec has a lot of potential and brings a lot of joy.


Fury Warrior

With great talents like Annihilator replacing Raging Blow and making it a passive ability, Fury Warriors have been a lot of fun on the Dragonflight Beta. Odyn’s Fury is also making its comeback, one of the most interesting Legion Artifact Abilities. Juggernaut is also playing a role in Fury Warriors, but doesnt work the same as it does for Arms Warriors.

Juggernaut grants Arms Warriors an increased damage for Execute, stacking up 12 times. For Fury Warriors, it stacks up 5 times and increases the critical strike chance of Execute by 5%. We are planning to play this talent due to the new Tier Set, significantly increasing the chance to procc a free Execute. This will help to consistently have all 5 stacks up all the time. 

With Raging Blow turning into a passive, dealing extra damage on your auto-attacks, we are going to use Slam now. With the Talent Storm of Swords, Whirlwind receives a 7 second cooldown, but increased damage. Slam will also gain a 12 seconds cooldown, but generates now 10 Rage and deals 100% more damage.

Cold Steel, Hot Blood has been one of the most rememberable Azerite Powers during Battle for Azeroth. This will make your critical strikes of Bloodthirst generate 4 additional Rage, and inflict a leeching wound on the enemy. This wound has been shown a 10% overall damage increase for Fury Warriors during the Dragonflight Beta.

It has been a close race between Fury and Arms Warriors, but we have to rank Fury Warriors just a Tier below Arms. Despite providing similar Utility as our S-Tier Tanks, the Warriors, the damage output cannot compete with the top classes currently.

Windwalker Monks

Currently, Windwalker Monks are performing exceptionally strong in Mythic Keystone Dungeons on the Dragonflight Beta. One the most interesting abilities in the talent tree is the use of Touch of Death twice in a row and hitting 5 targets at the same time!

We were focusing this talent tree for a more AoE situation, and will definetly not reflect a singletarget situation. With Blackout Kick striking two targets, you will fastly gain stacks to increase the damage of your Spinning Crane Kick. Otherwise, we dont feel that there are many other notable traits in your talent tree. We continue using the same Talent that replaces our Shadowlands Legendary, granting 33% haste everytime we summon our Celestial. Fatal Touch is also a Shadowlands Legendary that gets its power slightly reduced, and gets introduced in the general Monk tree.

With an incredible toolkit available, Leg Sweep, Ring of Peace, Paralysis; with Utility like Mystic Touch and Detox, Monks packs insane utility granted to your party. Besides that, Monks deal an insane amount of damage. Without having many new abilities to play with, the damage output of Windwalkers remain as strong as they already were in Shadowlands Season 4. A worthy candidate for the S-Tier Ranking.

Devastation Evoker

Clearly, this new Hero Class will require a lot more testing and theorycrafting. We saw other Content Creators like ‘Preheat‘ performing incredibly well on Evoker in Raid Situations, as you can see in our weekly Raid Test Summary. Especially in Single Target, Devastation Evokers do not require many abilities to deal an insane amount of damage. This becomes a little more complicated as soon as we hop into Mythic Keystone Dungeons, where we have to provide a great overall performance in damage and utility.

We sadly also dont feel comfortable in presenting you a Talent Tree for Evokers, just yet. There is a lot of more testing that has to be done, especially when maximizing the damage in AoE situations. 

Evokers in itself play very well. As soon as players get used to channeling that many abilities to empower that spell, we will see Evokers performing even stronger then we would have ranked it. 

Evokers consist of three different types of magic spells: Green, Blue and Red. While Green spells are healing spells, Blue spells are focusing more on single target. Red spells are aoe spells. But this doesnt reflect in their damage output.

While Pyre is a Red spell, spending 2 Essences and deals around 6000 damage with standard iLevel on the Beta, Disintegrate channels for 2 seconds, spends 3 Essences and deals 25000 damage in Single Target. Pyre therefore has to hit atleast 3 Targets to be stronger then using Disintegrate. As soon you have 3 targets in front of you, you also want to use the Blue Spell Azure Strike instead of the Red Spell Living Flame.

From all our experiences, we currently will have to give Devastion Evoker carefully a C-Tier ranking. Keep an eye on Evokers as soon as we gather more data about that class.

Havoc Demon Hunter

An overwhelming majority of players in our Twitch streams have been complaining about the playstyle of Havoc Demon Hunters. And we have to bring sad news to you… this remains. While other classes like Feral Druids have been many issues of the Spec solved by the talent tree, Demon Hunters will not receive the same treatment. At the end, instead of playing with the Venthyr Covenant Ability, you gain The Hunt. But this doesnt stop here. Demon Hunters are receiving the Necrolord Ability aswell, and Throw Glaive is going to be an important part in your rotation.

And despite not many changes to the rotation and playstyle of Havoc Demon Hunters, this build has been performing really strong in many situations. As with Windwalker Monks, without many new ways to play the class, Havoc Demon Hunters remain an extremly strong damage dealer. Throw Glaive will affect enemies with a bleeding debuff that deals a high portion of your overall damage.

The only Shadowlands Legendary skilled is Collective Anguish. Despite not having much more to say about Demon Hunters, we are really confident in ranking Havocs into the S-Tier.

Retribution Paladin

This class has been plagued by multiple nerfs, but they also have been justified. So, did Retribution Paladin survive that nerf-hammer slammed by Blizzard? In our opinion: Yes! Retribution Paladins are still performing exceptionally strong despite all the heavy nerfs to their finishing abilities Final Verdict and Divine Storm.
Retribution Paladins will be using their Consecration now consistently in their rotation, fueled by Holy Power gain with your Talent Sanctification. Your Kyrian Covenant Ability Divine Toll remains as a Talent and still offers a great choice for consistent damage, applying a debuff to 5 targets that increases their Holy Damage taken by 20% from your next Holy Power Ability like Divine Storm. The Shadowlands Legendary also remains as a talent, causing your Divine Storm to project a second Divine Storm with 25% effectiveness.

Overall, we still like the performance of Retribution Paladins a lot, and despite all nerfs its still worth an A-Tier in our List.

Shadow Priest

We once felt that Searing Nightmare has been a great addition to Shadow Priests during Shadowlands. This ability has gone to rest now for Dragonflight. Now, Shadow Word: Death has become your AoE spell of your choice, spreading its damage to all enemies in close range to your target. Also, Shadow Priest talents have been quiet interesting, which also requires Simulations instead of testing, to really find out how all these new talents perform against each other.

Despite the general Talent Tree of Priests not offering any difficult choices when it comes to maximizing your damage, it still offers some interesting choices. The Venthyr Covenant Ability Mindgames remains as a Talent in the game, but more important is the Power Infusion talent, replacing the Shadowlands Legendary. Now, whenever you grant Power Infusion to one of your party members, you will gain 100% of its effect aswell.

For the Shadow Priest talent tree, we chose a Talent Tree favoring more AoE damage. With Shadow Crash remaining in the game, players will use this on cooldown. Otherwise, with Misery you will apply both of your important debuffs Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain on the target simultaniously. The Shadowlands Legendary, which causes your Mindbender to attack all targets whenever you use Mindblast or Shadow Word: Death, also remains in the talent tree as a great choice. Otherwise, we are working towards using Shadow Word: Death as our AoE ability of choice. It hits all targets afflicted by Shadow Word: Pain for 60% of its damage. Additionally, we skilled a free reset of Shadow Word: Death whenever it fails to kill an enemy, and randomly reseting its cooldown trough your debuff damage.

Shadow Priest doesnt provide much Crowd Control, and the utility besides Power Infusion (which should not be underestimated) is the Mass Despell. With mixed feelings about its efficiency, despite its high damage, we have to rank Shadow Priests in a C-Tier

Our Final Tier List

Keep in Mind that this Tier List does not reflect the reality, and is just the Impression of our internal testing in Mythic Keystone Dungeons!

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