Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7 Development Notes – New Talents for Restoration Druid, Mistweaver

July 26, 2023

The new Development Notes for the upcoming Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7 – Fury Incarnate introduces new Talents for Mistweaver Monks and Restoration Druids, like for example the ‘Master Shapeshifter’ Talent that empowers abilities from different Shapeshifted Forms.

This Patch also introduces a new difficulty level for the Hollow’s End Event Boss, which can now be tested on the Public Test Realms.

The Fury Incarnate PTR has been updated. See the changes below:


    • Restoration
      • New Talent: Master Shapeshifter – Your abilities are amplified based on your current shapeshift form, granting an additional effect.
        • Bear Form – Ironfur grants 30% additional armor and generates 2,500 mana (at level 70).
        • Cat Form – Rip, Ferocious Bite, and Maim deal 60% additional damage and generate 10,000 mana (at level 70) when cast with 5 combo points.
        • Moonkin Form – Wrath, Starfire, and Starsurge deal 30% additional damage and generate 2,500 mana (at level 70).
      • New Talent: Grove Guardians – Summons a Treant which will immediately cast Swiftmend on your current target. The Treant will cast Nourish on that target or a nearby ally periodically. Lasts 15 seconds. Maximum 3 charges. Replaces Nourish.
      • Wild Synthesis has been updated – If talented into Grove Guardians, now causes your Treants from Grove Guardians to also cast Wild Growth immediately when summoned, healing allies within 40 yards over 7 seconds.
      • Embrace of the Dream is now a 1 point talent and its healing has been decreased by 20%.
      • All healing reduced by 2%. Does not apply in PvP combat.
      • Deep Focus has been removed.
      • Forest’s Flow has been removed.
  • MONK
    • Mistweaver
      • New Talent: Energizing Brew – Mana Tea now channels 50% faster and generates 20% more mana.
      • Mana Tea has been redesigned – For every 25,000 mana (at level 70) you spend, you gain 1 stack of Mana Tea, with a chance equal to your critical strike chance to generate 1 extra stack. Activate to consume 1 stack of Mana Tea per 0.5 seconds to restore 3,000 mana (at level 70) and reduces the mana cost of your spells by 50% for 1 second per stack of Mana Tea consumed after drinking. Can be cast while moving, but movement speed is reduced by 40% while channeling.
      • Lifecycles has been redesigned – Vivify has a 25% chance to cause your next Rising Sun Kick or Enveloping Mist to generate 1 stack of Mana Tea. Enveloping Mist and Rising Sun Kick have a 25% chance to cause your next Vivify to generate 1 stack of Mana Tea.
      • Mastery of Mist is now a baseline effect for Renewing Mist.
      • Invigorating Mists has moved to Mastery of Mist’s previous location.
      • Mana Tea has moved to Invigorating Mists previous location.
      • Spirit of the Crane has been removed.
    • Holy
      • Tower of Radiance has been redesigned – Flash of Light and Holy Light now generate 1 Holy Power.
    • Angel’s Mercy has been redesigned – Now reduces the cooldown of Desperate Prayer by 20 seconds.


    • Challenge courses are now available in the Azure Span.
  • Infinite Scales Drakewatcher Manuscripts that drop from the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon have been renamed to Visage of the Infinite and now include: Scales, Hair Color, Horn Color and Eye Color instead of just scales. Players who have already earned the Infinite Scales will automatically unlock the Infinite themed Hair, Horn and Eye colors within the Rostrum of Transformation.


    • Ghouls, goblins and seekers of haunted mementos, Hallow’s End approaches, and with it, new content! We’re looking for some additional testing for this year’s Hallow’s End holiday event that’s now available on the PTR for the next two weeks. Be sure to hop in and submit feedback.
      • Developers’ note: Dates reflected on PTR do not reflect the actual holiday date. Looking forward to scaring, er sharing, this experience with you!
    • New Headless Horseman dungeon encounter – Increase the difficulty of the encounter by adding new mechanics by speaking to the Wicker men at the dungeon’s entrance. The curses are not party wide and afflict only those who enable them.


    • Restoration
      • Master Shapeshifter has been removed as a PvP talent option.


    • Ping System settings have been added to the Options panel.
    • Ping radial wheel categories have been reordered.
    • Format for Ping chat lines have been updated.

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