Dragonflight Season 1 Week 5 – DPS Rankings Vault of the Incarnates

January 14, 2023

It's the fifth Week since release of Dragonflight Season 1, including the latest Raid Vault of the Incarnates. We are going to take a look how Classes perform in the current Raid Tier. Read more..

Mythic – All Bosses Overview


Mythic Terros – Single Target Overview

Terros is a Single Target Encounter which requires Players to build their Talents with focus on pure Single Target. This Boss does require a fair amount of movement and coordination, which might benefit Melee’s more then ranged players. 


Mythic Primal Council – Mutli Target Overview

Primal Council is a consistent 4-Target Encounter which allows Players to utilize their best AoE Talents in order to defeat this Encounter. It only requires a certain amount of movement, and has almost no changes in comparison to it’s Heroic difficulty.

Overall DPS Rankings Comparison

Outlaw Rogue1►0
Subtlety Rogue2▲+1
Retribution Paladin3▲+7
Devastation Evoker4▲+10
Havoc Demon Hunter5▲+2
Windwalker Monk6▲+5
Enhancement Shaman7▼-3
Frost Death Knight8►0
Feral Druid9▲+8
Balance Druid10▲+3
Marksmanship Hunter11▼-6
Unholy Death Knight12▼-10
Arms Warrior13▼-4
Shadow Priest14▲+7
Demonology Warlock15►0
Arcane Mage16▲+2
Fury Warrior17▲+3
Elemental Shaman18▼-6
Assassination Rogue19▼-13
Frost Mage20▲+3
Destruction Warlock21▲+4
Survival Hunter22▲+2
Fire Mage23▼-7
Beast Mastery Hunter24▼-5
Affliction Warlock25▼-3