Dragonflight Season 2 DPS Rankings Week 6 – Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible Heroic

June 19, 2023

It’s the sixth week of Dragonflight Season 2 and we are taking a look into the current DPS Rankings for the newest Raid Tier – Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible. 

It’s the first week of Dragonflight Season 2 and we are taking a look into the current DPS Rankings for the newest Raid Tier – Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible. Every week, we are taking a look into the current raid Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible and compare how different specs perform against each other. We are looking into the 95th percentile for the previous 1 week. Additionally, we are showing Magmorax and Assault of the Zaqali statistics which are very mechanically different bosses, favoring either pure single-target damage or consistent multi-target cleave.

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Heroic - All Bosses Overview

Heroic Magmorax – Single Target Overview

Magmorax is a Single Target Encounter which requires Players to build their Talents with focus on pure Single Target. This Boss does require a fair amount of movement and coordination, which might benefit ranged players more then melee’s. 

Heroic Assault of the Zaqali – MultiTarget Overview

Assault of the Zaqali is a consistent Multi-Target Encounter which allows Players to utilize their best AoE Talents in order to defeat this Encounter. It only requires a certain amount of movement, and has almost no changes in comparison to it’s Normal difficulty.

Overall DPS Rankings Comparison

1. Arcane Mage►0
2. Unholy Death Knight►0
3. Assassination Rogue▲+2
4. Demonology Warlock▼-1
5. Affliction Warlock▼-1
6. Subtlety Rogue►0
7. Arms Warrior▲+4
8. Balance Druid▼-1
9. Shadow Priest▼-1
10. Devastation Evoker▼-1
11. Destruction Warlock▼-1
12. Fury Warrior▲+1
13. Retribution Paladin▲+1
14. Marksmanship Hunter▼-2
15. Elemental Shaman►0
16. Frost Mage►0
17. Windwalker Monk▲+1
18. Enhancement Shaman▼-1
19. Survival Hunter►0
20. Fire Mage►0
21. Beast Mastery Hunter▲+2
21. Havoc Demon Hunter▼-1
22. Outlaw Rogue▼-1
24. Feral Druid▲+1
25. Frost Death Knight▼-1