Dragonflight Season 2 Main Story Campaign Datamined – Dragonflight Public Test Realm

February 10, 2023

The Dragonflight Public Test Realms for Patch 10.0.7 are currently testing the upcoming Patch. Dataminers have been able to find some interesting strings, leading to Season 2. Read more..

The Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 is going to bring many new features, including Zskera Vaults and the Primordial Stones as we reported here. Among those new features, dataminers have been able to find some strings, leading to the next huge content update 10.1 – Season 2 of Dragonflight.



  • Name: Embers of Neltharion
    Description: 10.1 Narrative Campaign


It has already been speculated during the Dragonflight Alpha, that Patch 10.1 is going to be an Underground version of the Dragon Isles. This leads to even more speculation about the upcoming Season 2 of Dragonflight. We might see the comeback of Neltharion’s Lair as another Mythic Keystone Dungeon.

Our friends on Wowhead also stated:

Of course, we can’t forget the conclusion of the Vault of Incarnate storyline, with the defeat of Raszageth coming too late to stop her from freeing her fellow Incarnates. One of those freed was Iridikron, the Stonescaled, oldest and most powerful of the Primal Incarnates. Described by Alexstrasza as the most feared of the Incarnates, his affinity with the earth makes for an obvious candidate for the main threat in Patch 10.1. What exactly this has to do with Neltharion remains to be seen, though as the progenitor of the Dracthyr and a major influence on the prime dragonflights, his legacy permeates everything throughout the Dragon Isles.