Drop Rate Increased For X-45 Heartbreaker Mount – Love Is In The Air Event

February 4, 2023

Last Year, Blizzard already announced a Drop Rate increase for the desired X-45 Heartbreaker Mount. With the Love is in the Air Event coming soon, Blizzard has now given a statement regarding its drop rate. Read more..

The Love is in the Air Event is going to start on February 6th, and Players are getting their Alt’s ready to farm one of the most rarest mounts in the game – the X-45 Heartbreaker.

This mount is considered one of the rarest mounts in-game, with a very low chance to be rewarded after defeating the Event Boss during the Love is in the Air event. This left players with only 2 weeks per year to farm this mount, which caused Blizzard to previously announce an increase in drop rate for this mount.

For the upcoming Love is in the Air event, the first Heart-Shaped Box that you receive on your account will have a greatly increased drop rate of the X-45 Heartbreaker. All subsequent boxes on your account will have the previous chance to contain the mount.

The Love is in the Air world event is right around the corner, and we’re sharing the love this holiday season.

We’ve heard your feedback on the frustrations with X-45 Heartbreaker’s low drop rate and feeling the pressure of having to farm the mount by cycling through as many alts as possible every day. From now on, the first Heart-Shaped Box you receive each day across your Battle.net account will have a greatly increased chance to contain the X-45 Heartbreaker mount.

Any subsequent Heart-Shaped Boxes you earn on your characters after the first each day will drop the mount at the previous, original rate.

Love is in the Air begins on February 6 at 10:00 a.m. PST in all regions. So spritz on your favorite perfume and head to the Shadowfang Keep event dungeon to defeat Apothecary Hummel for your chance at the fantastic flying fuschia fuselage you’ve fancied far too fervently for what seems like forever.

Good luck adventurers!