Echo Claims World First Mythic Raszageth – Vault of the Incarnates Race To World First

December 24, 2022

After 11 Days of intense Progress, and even more difficult preparation, Echo claims the World First Title in Dragonflight Season 1.

On the 23th of December 2022, Echo claims the World First Kill of Mythic Raszageth in the Vault of the Incarnates. This concludes the first Race to World First during the Dragonflight Expansion.

It took them 11 days since the official launch of the Raid. The Boss has received significant buffs just before the launch, but then also received a few nerfs whenever players approached this Boss. Just shortly after the most recent hotfix, which nerfed Phase 3 of the encounter, reducing the overall damage requirement of the fight. Echo just killed the boss 15 minutes after this hotfix.


Echo’s Raid Setup

  • 2 Tanks: 1 Protection Warrior, 1 Blood Death Knight
  • 4 Healers: 1 Disc Priest, 1 Holy Paladin, 2 Preservation Evokers,
  • 8 Melee: 1 Fury Warrior, 2 Assassination Rogues, 1 Enhancement Shaman, 2 Havoc Demon Hunters, 1 Death Knight, 1 Windwalker Monk
  • 6 Ranged: 1 Demonology Warlock, 2 Balance Druids, 2 Arcane Mages, 1 Hunter