Full List of All Dream Warden Reputation Issues, Hotfixes and Comments by Blizzard

November 9, 2023

It has been a rocky start with Dream Warden reputation farm during the first days of Dragonflight Patch 10.2. There has been several changes, hotfixes, exploits and issues since its launch on Wednesday.

The Infinite Reputation Glitch

The Dream Wardens reputation is a focus for raiders since it awards  Dreambound Augment Rune at Renown 18. However, in order to get there many raiders are first unlocking the 100% reputation buff on alts at Renown 10, then doing the reputation stuff on their main.

However with the nerf to the Dreamsurge buff, players need a little help getting to Renown 10 on their alt. As such players have discovered an Infinite source of Dream Wardens Reputation — seeds!

The First Hotfix

It seemed that the Dream Wardens reputation seed farm have been hotfixed and awarded more reputation than before!

  • The Epic Bag (100/100 contribution) now seems to also award 20 reputation guaranteed.
  • The Epic Bag (100/100 contribution) now seems to have a chance to superbloom and award 40 reputation.


It was pretty obvious that Blizzard intended to Nerf the Infinite Reputation Glitch, and now caused it to even grant more Experience.

Fixing the Hotfix

Another hotfix has been pushed for the Infinite reputation farm, making it harder to get reputation from each seed.

While the reputation was buffed earlier, it seems to have been made harder to get the reputation bonus. This is what players think is the new hotfix.

  • Reputation is no longer is guaranteed unless you contribute a seed (was always guaranteed).

And Now Granting More Reputation Then Ever Before

Hotfix #3 has been deployed, making another attempt to bring the Reputation Gain more in line with Blizzard’s desired Progression speed.

  • If you contribute, you now get a 250 reputation Token for the first 5 (?) Seeds a Daily/Week (?).
  • This token can sometimes superbloom to a 500 reputation Token.
  • After this cap, you only get 5 reputation.

Blizzards Final Response to the Situation

But finally, after a long time and several Hotfixes, Blizzard has found in their opinion best solution for this issue, and also offered a statement:

At about 3:21 p.m. PST today, to address a situation where Dream Wardens Renown could be infinitely farmed, we temporarily hotfixed the game to limit impact while we investigated the situation and evaluated our options. What we did at that time was to make it so that contributing only Dewdrops in the Emerald Bounty no longer granted Rep, while contributing seeds (any seed) to the Emerald Bounty did grant Rep.
We don’t want the most efficient way to max out a Renown to be pure grinding. So with a hotfix that we applied to the game at about 7:24 p.m. PST, we’ve reinstated Dream Wardens Rep from Dewdrop contributions into Medium and Large Emerald Blooms, with a large up front Rep bonus to the first five each week. It will remain open-endedly grindable, and for anyone who was doing a moderate number of seeds per week, it will be a net improvement.
We apologize for the confusion today.

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