Glory of the Dragonflight Hero – Achievement Guide Now Live

November 26, 2022

Dragonflight is coming out soon, and we are already getting ready for the new Glory of the Dragonflight Hero Achievement. Keep in mind that not all achievements have been yet testable, and this will be updated very shortly.

Algeth'ar Academy

See Me After Class 

Defeat Vexamus without players absorbing any Arcane Orbs in Algeth’ar Academy on Mythic Difficulty.

This achievement is successful if no player is soaking any Arcane Orbs during the fight at Vexamus. This will cause the boss to use Arcane Fissure way more frequently, and has to be compensated by the Healer.


Quad Goals 


Defeat Crawth after simultaneously activating both Goals in Algeth’ar Academy on Mythic Difficulty.

Whenever balls spawn during the Crawth encounter, make sure to throw 2 balls into each Goal. Whenever there is a new wave of spawned balls, simultaneously throw a ball in each goal. This will trigger both abilities to activate.


Duck, Duck, Spruce! 

Defeat the Overgrown Ancient while all party members have a Well-Fed Duckling on their head in Algeth’ar Academy on Mythic Difficulty.

To achieve this, players have to click a Well-Fed Duckling before the start of the fight. They are located in the well, north-east of the boss area. The Well-Fed Duckling grants a 65% movement speed reduction for 10 minute.

Azure Vault

You Must Be Made of Hide

Defeat Umbrelskul without being hit by a polymorph trap or triggering a Shriek in The Azure Vault on Mythic Difficulty.

Throughout the Dungeon, there are many Shrieks patrolling around, which cause certain enemies to engage into combat when the Shrieks are triggered. Also, towards the end of the Dungeon, there are little circles on the floor, those are the Polymorph Traps. If any player triggers one of them, or activates a Shriek, this achievement is failed.


Icy What You Did There 

Defeat Telash Greywing after using Icy Devastator 12 times on an Icy Crystal to create a Very Icy Crystal in The Azure Vault on Mythic Difficulty.

On the South Side of the Boss area, you will find a blue crystal. This crystal has to be hit by 12 ticks of Icy Devastator to earn this achievement. Every cast of Icy Devestator deals 4 ticks of damage.


The Cracked Crystal 

Defeat Umrelskul after smashing Shimmering Geodes with Dragon Strike and destroying 9 Geode Chunks in The Azure Vault on Mythic Difficulty.

Tanks have to position themself ontop of Shimmering Geodes, in order for Umbrelskul’s Dragon Strike to hit the Shimmering Geode. These will spawn 3 Geode Chunks that have to be defeated by players. Repeat this 3 times, and then kill Umbrelskul.

Ruby Life Pools

Dragon Kill Points

Defeat Melidrussa after defeating 40 of her chamber’s Infused Whelps in Ruby Life Pools on Mythic Difficulty.

This achievement requires players to defeat 40 Whelps which are spawned by her Awaken Infused Whelps ability. Every time she spawns Whelps, she will summon 8 of them at the same time. This achievement does not require to kill them at the same time.


Does Steam Do Fire Damage?

Defeat Kokia Blazehoof after heating up 4 life pools with Molten Boulder in Ruby Life Pools on Mythic Difficulty.

To cause Kokia to heat up all 4 life pools, players have to kite Kokia around the Ruby Overlook, and trigger Molten Boulder to rush through the 4 pools, located around the Ruby Overlook.


Are You My Broodmother? 

Defeat Kyrakka and Kerkhart Stormvein after chilling, searing, tempering, and keeping alive the Nascent Ruby Egg in Ruby Life Pools on Mythic Difficulty.

One player has to pick up the Nascent Ruby Egg near the Entrance of the Dungeon, hidden behind the north-east pillar in the first room and carry it throughout the dungeon until you defeat the final boss. The person carrying it has to make sure it is getting hit by certain abilities.

Chilling: Hailbomb (run over a Crystal) by the First Boss

Searing: Voidzone whenever the Add spawns during the Second Boss

Tempering: Roaring Firebreath by the Last Boss

The Egg is attached to one player through the dungeon. It detaches whenever tempered, taking a lot of damage. Make sure to use a Roaring Firebreath just before the end of the fight, so healers can keep it alive.

Nokhud Offensive

What Are The Chances…

Defeat the Raging Tempest after striking a single player with 5 Lightning Strikes simultaneously and defeating a Storm Elemental in The Nokhud Offensive on Mythic Difficulty.

In order to spawn the Storm Elemental, one player has to be hit by all 5 Lightning Strikes that occur on all players at the same time. We mangaged to achieve this by everyone stacking up on the first Lightning Strike, while using strong defensive cooldowns. The Add that spawns leaves Voidzones below players until its defeated.


Weapons of the Maruukai 

Defeat Teera and Maruuk while the Spear of Tolui, War Axe of Berke, and Bow of Srtaq in The Nokhud Offensive on Mythic Difficulty.

The Weapons are located in the three Crypts around the boss area. One player needs to pick up one each.

  • Bow of Sartaq causes the player wearing it to receive 20% less heal.
  • Spear of Tolui causes the player wearing it to take 20% increased damage taken.
  • War Axe of Berke reduces the player wearing it movement speed by 30%.

These buffs last only for 5 minutes, so coordinate whenever you pick them up.


Nokhud Deed Goes Unnoticed 

Defeat Balakar Khan after healing Ohn’ahra to full health in The Nokhud Offensive on Mythic difficulty.

To obtain this achievement, players have to target Ohn’ahra, the Bird behind the final boss Balakar Khan, and use healing abilities to heal it to full health.


Ohuna Incubation 

Deliver eight warm ohuna eggs to Ohuna Keeper Taruk in a single visit to The Nokhud Offensive on Mythic Difficulty.

Players have to collect 8 ohuna eggs, and transpot them to Ohuna Keeper Taruk. Possible Spawn Locations of these Eggs:

Brackenhide Hollow

The Vegetarian Diet

Free every Captive Tuskarr in a Meat Storage in a single visit to Brackenhide Hollow.

In order to activate the first boss in Brackenhide Hollow, players need to open 5 Meat Storages. To earn this achievement, open all available cages. Open all Cages before the first boss. 

  • 3 more Cages are in a small cave after first boss whenever you walk to Treemouth(left side of the road)
  • 1 Cage is located next to Rageclaw after the 2nd boss.
  • After Ragepaw, there is a small cave on the right side with 1 more Cage.



Defeat Hackclaw’s War-Band after freeing Chief Softpaw, equipping her with a spear and shield, and making sure she survives in Brackenhide Hollow on Mythic Difficulty.

Whenever you start the fight with the Hackclaw War-Band, you will be able to free Chief Softpaw. She sits in a cage located close to the left entrance of the boss area. 

Make sure to pick up the Shield and Spear (located left/right side of the boss area on those weapon racks) before you free her out of the cage. She runs away in fear until she has been fully equipped.


All Bark, All Bite 

Defeat Treemouth after every player has been consumed at least once in Brackenhide Hollow on Mythic Difficulty.

Treemouth regularly uses Grasping Vines, pulling all players close to him. After this, all players that are in 10yards around him are getting Consumed. In our Test, we had to let all players get consumed at the same time to earn progress for this achievement. 


So You Can Kill This in a Way That Matters…

Defeat Decatriarch Wratheye after finding and planting three Resilient Mushrooms, then destroying them with Decaystrike in Brackhide Hollow on Mythic Difficulty.

There are three Mushrooms on the top floor of the last Boss Decatriarch Wratheye (in the green Fog), which have to be killed by Decaystrike, which is aimed towards the Tank. 3 Players have to run upstairs and pick them up, and plant them into the Boss area.

Beware that each Mushroom explodes for damage, and leaves a debuff for 20 seconds on all players. 


Knowledge is… Preserved? 

Defeat Chargath, Bane of Scales while burning less than 15 books in Neltharus on Mythic Difficulty.

Chargath will use many abilities, like Magma Wave in the direction of a random player. Make sure that these abilities do not ignite more then 14 books that are scattered around the room. We suggest baiting Magma Wave in the direction of the door, and tanking the boss on the stairs.


Ready for Raiding VIII 

Defeat Forgemaster Gorek without being struck by Forgestorm, Forgefire, Blazing Eruptions, another player’s Blazing Aegis, or the final slam of Heated Swings in Neltharus on Mythic Difficulty.

An old classic is coming back in Dragonflight. Defeat Forgemaster Gorek after dodging all of his abilities that you are able to dodge. (If hit by Blazing Aegis, you get credit for the Achievement. If you take the damage from another player’s Blazing Aegis, you wont). This is a personal achievement.


Liquid Hot Magma 

Defeat Magmatusk after it has been mutated with Draconic Tincture in Neltharus on Mythic Difficulty.

On the right side, whenever you enter the room of Magmatusk, you will find a phial on a table. Clicking this will grant you an extra button that lets you throw the Tincture onto Magmatusk. Do this before you start the encounter.

Halls of Infusion

Toxicity Strike Team 

Defeat the Toxic Swogmother after Purging the Water Intakes in Halls of Infusion on Mythic Difficulty.

After the first Boss, walk the way straight instead of turning right to the second boss. Walk upstairs into the “Water Intakes”. In the pool of the right side, there is a button on the wall that spawns the Toxic Swogmother. Defeat her to earn this achievement.


Hungry Hungry Hornswog 

Defeat the Gulping Goliath after forcing it to become Hangry and devour 10 Curious Swoglets in Halls of Infusion on Mythic Difficulty.

Whenever the boss uses Gulp, it creates a circle around him. If not player is hit, he will become Hangry. Make sure that the Curious Swoglets that spawn during the fight are getting hit by the circle of Gulp.


Go With the Flow 

Defeat the Primal Tusnami after slaying three Flow Control Units in Halls of Infusion on Mythic Difficulty.

Whenever the Boss knocks all players back into the tunnel, there is a Flow Control Device behind players, which can be defeated. We would advice groups to let all damage dealers kill the adds on their own, while the Tank (and healer if needed) run back to the Boss and interrupt the Primalist Infusers.

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

It’s a Trogg Eat Trogg World 

Defeat Bromach while 10 or more Stonevault Troggs are still alive in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr on Mythic Difficulty.

During the fight with Bromach, Stonevault Ambusher and Stonevault Geomancer do spawn. To earn this achievement, kill Bromach with atleast 10 additional enemies alive.


No, You’re Stunning! 

Defeat Sentinel Talondras after simultaneously stunning both Sentinel Talondras and all party members in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr on Mythic Difficulty.

Talondras will use Resonanting Orb, creating a circle around 3 random players. After a short time, they spawn an Orb, which stuns players or the Boss whenever they touch them. 

To earn this achievement, wait for the Boss to spawn atleast 5 Orbs, and assign each player to one Orb. Put atleast 2 of them close to each other, these are used for the Tank and Boss. The Boss needs 3 Orbs to be stunned, so you should walk the boss through 2 Orbs first, wait for the 3rd one.Next, wait for the Boss to lose its Titanic Empowerment buff which grants him immunity to stuns. Tanks should use a movement cooldown to hide behind one orb (used for themself) and let the Boss run into its own Orb. Whenever the boss is about to get stunned, make sure that all other players are walking into their assigned orb. Beware of the knockback of Crushing Stomp.


Like Sands Through the Hourglass 

Defeat Chrono-Lord Deios after catching every Eternity Orb as it falls to the ground in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr on Mythic Difficulty.

During the combat with the last boss, there are multiple Orbs spawning, which travel from the ceiling to the floor. Make sure that none of these are hitting the floor by standing below them.