Great Vault Requirements Lowered for Dragonflight - Less Raid Bosses Required

On the Dragonflight Beta Endgame Server Valdrakken, Players can take a look into their Great Vault rewards. As it seems, requirements have been lowered for Raid and PvP Rewards, in comparison to the current rewards in Shadowlands Season 4.

Current Requirements for the Dragonflight Great Vault

There are no major changes to the Dragonflight Great Vault in comparison to the Shadowlands Season 4 Great Vault. For the Raid Vault, the number of Boss kills required were lowered from 8 down to 6. This is also necessary due to the Vault of the Incarnates residing only 8 Bosses in total.

PvP Requirements were also lowered for your third choice from 5500 Honor down to 5000 in Dragonflight Season 1.


  • Defeat 2 Raid Bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates (was 2)
  • Defeat 4 Raid Bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates (was 4)
  • Defeat 6 Raid Bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates (was 8)
Mythic Dungeons
  • Complete 1 Mythic+ Dungeon (was 1)
  • Complete 4 Mythic+ Dungeons (was 4)
  • Complete 8 Mythic+ Dungeons (was 8)
  • Earn 1250 Honor from Rated PvP (was 1250)
  • Earn 2500 Honor from Rated PvP (was 2500)
  • Earn 5000 Honor from Rated PvP (was 5500)

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