Group Loot Changes Coming With Upcoming Hotfix – Tier Set Need Roll Requirement

January 12, 2023

Blizzard posted in their latest Blogpost about their upcoming changes to Need Rolls in Raid Groups. Playes will no longer be able to roll need on Tier Tokens if they already own the same Item on equal or higher level. Read more..

Some of the new changes are goign to be implemented with a Hotfix coming later this week. Some of the other changes are coming with the next Patch 10.0.5, which is rumored to be released on January 25th, as we already reported here.

We have a hotfix coming to the game later this week. With this hotfix, we will have:
  • Fixed some situations where players could win Need rolls on duplicate items in a single roll session when it should not have been possible.
This has already been working as intended for most items, but should now include items such as Tier Tokens and weapons.
Additionally, we’ve got some updates to loot distribution coming in 10.0.5–
  • Fixed an issue where, in some rare cases, players would get less loot than they should have on certain Raid sizes.
  • Fixed an issue where players could unconditionally roll Need on Set Tokens. The system will now check if the player owns the Token or the Set Piece itself at equal or greater power.
  • Players can no longer roll Need on any Profession recipe that they have already learned.
  • Players can no longer unconditionally roll Need on 1H weapons (or 2H for a Warrior in Fury loot spec).
For that last one, in 10.0.5, the system will now thoroughly identify if you can dual-wield the weapon in question, based on your loot spec. If you can, and you already have two versions of it at least as powerful as the item being rolled for, you can’t Need the item.