Guardian Druid Buffs With Upcoming Weekly Reset – Ursoc’s Fury, Ironfur And More

February 1, 2023

Blizzard has announced upcoming Buffs to Guardian Druids. The Update will be implemented with the next weekly reset. Read more..

Blizzard announced an upcoming Buff to Guardian Druids. These Tanks have currently underperformed in comparison to other Tank specializations. Those changes are coming with the next weekly reset on February 7th, 2023. 

Blizzard states that those changes are not final, and they will closely monitor any community feedback!

With scheduled weekly maintenance on February 7, we intend to deploy a number of tuning adjustments to specializations based on their performance in endgame content.
Due to the nature of our internal testing, some of these changes will also appear in the 10.0.7 PTR between now and February 7. This thread is for changes that will go into the live game on version 10.0.5 next week.


  • Guardian
    • Armor from Ironfur increased by 20%.
    • Reinforced Fur now increases Armor from Ironfur by 15% and Barkskin’s damage reduction by 10% (was 8% and 5%).
    • Ursoc’s Fury now grants an absorb shield based on 50% of damage dealt by Thrash and Maul (was 30%).
    • Reinvigoration’s Frenzied Regeneration cooldown reduction increased to 20/40% (was 15/30%).
    • Layered Mane chance to proc increased to 10/20% (was 5/10%).
    • Lunar Beam healing increased by 130% and cooldown reduced to 1 minute.
  • Developers’ notes: We are keeping a close eye on variances in survivability across tank specializations. These changes are intended to alleviate some difficulties Guardian Druids have been experiencing with certain damage types, as well as targeting some underperforming talents which were not delivering meaningful survivability improvements.