Guide: How To Get Primordial Stones & Onyx Annulet – Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7

March 25, 2023

Many players are trying to obtain their Onyx Annulet and the best Primordial Stones as quick as possible. We have summarized how to obtain them without spending all too much time for it. Read more..

The Onyx Annulet is a new Ring introduced with Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 which can be obtained rather quickly after starting your journey into the Forbidden Reach. Many players are trying to earn their Best-In-Slot Primordial Stones as quick as possible, and then go back participating in their favorite PvE or PvP Content. We have summarized how players can quickly earn this ring on the maximum Itemlevel.

Start your Journey into the Forbidden Reach

Log into your character, which will automatically accept the new Quest ‘Hidden Legacies‘.

Talk to Kurazidaia in Valdrakken, and feel free to watch the new Cinematic.


Accept the next Quest ‘Return to the Reach‘, and travel either yourself or with the Flightmaster to the Forbidden Reach.

As soon as you reached the Forbidden Reach and turned in the Quest, you will be greeted by three new Quests.

Talk to the 4 NPCs in the Village

Save the three NPCs in the Forbidden Reach

Kill 10 Pirates

After you completing all those three Quests, you will be find many more Quests which you should ignore all of them if you are just looking for the Onyx Annulet and the Primordial Stones.

  • Only accept the Quest ‘Helping Hand and Claw‘ which is also marked as a Campaign Quest.
    • Collect scattered supplies, and rescue two NPCs by simply clicking on them.
    • Turn in the Quest after completion, immediately at the same location
    • Return to the Village afterwards

Exploring Our Past and the Zskera Vaults

After returning to the Village, a new Quest ‘Exploring Our Past‘ will be available, which sends players immediately to the Zskera Vaults. 

  • Travel to the Zskera Vault in the North West of the Village, and turn in the Quest.
  • Make sure to accept the Quest ‘The Keys you need‘ from Pathfinder Tacha, which will appear after you accepted the next Quest ‘Zskera Vault: Az
  • Talk to Pathfinder Jeb and travel into the Vault.

The Zskera Vault is a Mini-Dungeon, similar to Torghast from Shadowlands, but without traveling through different floors.

The Zskera Vault will hold 30 closed Doors which can be opened with the Zskera Vault Keys, which players receive 6 from the previously accepted Quest.

  • The Zskera Vault resets Weekly.
  • All Doors remain opened for the rest of the Week.
  • Contents of every Door may differ for every player.


Each Room contains Treasure Chests which can be opened to find either the desired Primordial Stones, or Dormant Primordial Fragment. Sometimes, you will encounter a room which is obstructed by Fire or any other puzzle. These can be solved by opening another door which rewards certain perks to clear the other one.


Example: A treasure in a room full of Fire can be accessed after throwing Water onto it. You will find Water Vials in another room.

Right inside the middle of the Zskera Vault, a new Quest will appear in front of you. This Quest will reward you with the Onyx Annulet after returning it to the Village.

How to Obtain more Zskera Vault Keys

Zskera Vault Keys are rewarded by completing any Activity in the Forbidden Reach.

  • Opening random Treasures which will be marked on your map.
  • Killing Rare Mobs in the Forbidden Reach.
  • Participating in any large Event or Trial which are happening frequently on the Forbidden Reach.


Keep in mind that these activities will reset every day. Players will also be rewarded six Zskera Vault Keys once per Week.

Onyx Annulet and Primordial Stones

After turning in the Quest ‘The Forgotten Ring‘, players will be rewarded with their Onyx Anulett. This ring has three Primordial Sockets which can be equiped with their desired Primordial Stones.

The Quest Primordial Embellishment must be completed to be able to destroy Primordial Stones in exchange for Dormant Primordial Fragments, and to remove socketed Primordial Stones from your Ring. This Quest is obtained after receiving the Onyx Annulet. 


How to obtain Primordial Stones

  • Primordial Stones can be obtained in many doors in the Zskera Vault.
  • Players can buy Condensed Magic which will reward a random Primordial Stone of the specific family.
  • Those Condensed Magic’s can also be obtained rarely by killing Rare Mobs or opening Treasures in the Forbidden Reach.

How to upgrade Primordial Stones

Upon obtaining a Primordial Stone, its Itemlevel is set to 411. This can be upgraded to 418 and 424 by using Unstable Elementium.

This can be crafted by Jewelcrafters for 25 Silken Gemdust and 10 Dormant Primordial Fragment. The Dormant Primordial Fragments are rewarded by salvaging unwanted Primordial Stones, in random doors in the Zskera Vault, or by activities in the Forbidden Reach

How to get the best Primordial Stones?

Opening all doors in Zskera Vault will reward players with the most Primordial Stones possible per week. It can be random which Primordial Stones are obtained, and sometimes a player has to buy a Condensed Magic to receive the desired Stone. 

  • To receive more Zskera Vault Keys, make sure to complete a few activities in the Forbidden Reach. 
  • Destroy unwanted Primordial Stones to receive Dormant Primordial Fragments.
  • Upgrade the desired Primordial Stones by using Unstable Elementium. This can be crafted per Work Order on the Crafting Order Table.


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