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Guides for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Check out all our Guides for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, including content like PvP, Pet Battles, Leveling, Mythic Dungeons, Raids and even more!

Season 3 Class Guides

Whatever you are going to play, we got you covered! Our Guidewriters prepared detailed information about all classes in Dragonflight Season 3 and their specs for you! These Guides will be regularly updated to provide you some cutting-edge knowledge about your favorite class!

Mythic Keystone Dungeons Season 3

One of the most competitive activities in World of Warcraft are Mythic+ Dungeons. We are explaining in all details every single Dungeon, but also offer you a quick ‘Easy Guide’ to all Dungeons of Season 3 as an overview.

We also provide you with Routes for each and every dungeon, with consideration of appearing Mythic+ affixes.

Amirdrassil, the Dreams Hope

‘Within the Emerald Dream and near the growing World Tree of Amirdrassil lies an ancient temple built by the Green Dragonflight. Here, the energy of the Emerald Dream is a potent and abundant resource.’

Profession Guides for Season 3

“Gathering Professions are Herbalism, Mining and Skinning. Those Professions will allow you to gather those materials in the Open World. Crafting Professions like Blacksmithing or Tailoring allow you to craft powerful Equipment that can be used by yourself or sold to other players. Secondary Professions are Fishing, Cooking and Archeology, which can be learned by all players.”

PvP Guide & Overview

In epic battles between Players, this activity in World of Warcraft induces the most adrenaline. Either Ranked or Unranked, in Battlegrounds, Arenas or Brawls, PVP offers you one of the most exciting activities in the game. We teach you the basics of PVP and our Guidewriters give advice in how to improve.

New Player Guide

Every new start can be difficult. As a New Player in World of Warcraft, you might feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities in the game. 

We want to give you a helping hand during your journey, so you can just focus on enjoying the game!

Dragonflight Leveling Guide

With a Level range from 1-70, starting a new character might take it’s time. Some players enjoy questing, others do dungeons to reach the maximum level. We dont take sides of how you should level, but if you are interested in reaching the Endgame fast, our Leveling Guide might help you on your journey.

Battle Pet Guide & Overview

Those little critters might remind you of Pokémon. Collecting Pets is a unique activity in the game, that even lets you fight NPC bosses or you can even fight the pets of other players. And if this didnt remind you of Pokemon yet, you can also travel trough the world and catch more Poké….Pets, they are Pets!