World of Warcraft New Player Guide & Overview

Check out our World of Warcraft New Player Guide & Overview. From Basics to Advanced Tips & Strategies. All you need to know about Warcraft!

Getting Started

World of Warcraft is going into its ninth expansion – Dragonflight. Over 18 Years, this game has been popular amongst all people and ages across the globe. World of Warcraft is a MMORPG – This stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game.

You can play and test World of Warcraft for free. Currently, there are 70 Level you can achieve, while the free Testversion allows you to level up to Level 20. This will give you a good impression of how this game is supposed to be, but doesnt show you any Endgame content at all.

In Order to play World of Warcraft, you need to have:

  • A monthly subscription OR active gametime paid for in advance
  • Your monthly subscription allows you to play up to Level 60 (including the previous expansion Shadowlands)
  • The latest Expansion: Dragonflight, if you want to play the latest Content
  • Your monthly subscription allows you to also play World of Warcraft: Classic 

What Server To Play On?

Whenever you log into the game, you will immediatly prompted into the Character Creation. The game already chose a server for you automatically.

But Beware:

Before you start your adventure, you might want to be sure the Server you are playing on is the correct server that suits your needs. The Game will automatically put you on a Server that is marked with New Players. You want to back out of the Character Creation Window, and start choosing a Server.

Click on “Change Realm” to look for other Servers.


Servers have certain indicators that you can choose from:

  • Type: Normal or RP (Role Play)
  • Population: New Players – Low – Medium – High – Full

Normal Servers are your regular place for standard gameplay. This is your go-to server if you are looking for the pure World of Warcraft experience.

RP Servers are Role Play Servers, which have certain restrictions but also advantages which benefit Role Players. This means, that people are acting as their Characters and “act” or “pretend” to be the Character that they are playing.


Servers have different Populations, depending on the amount of concurrent active players.

  • New Players are servers usually pretty empty, therefore beware choosing these!
  • Low have a lower concurrent playerbase on this server.
  • Medium is the middleground between Full and Empty servers.
  • High means a high amount of players currently playing on this server.
  • Full means the Server has a very high concurrent playerbase, which could lead to potential Login-Que during peek times.


Q: Is there any Restrictions when choosing a certain Server?

A: Mostly not! Almost every activity in World of Warcraft is playable across all Servers. You will be able to play with players from different Servers. Only exceptions are the High-End Raid Difficulty Mythic, which becomes available for Cross-Server few weeks into every Season. You are still able to trade with other players and even the opposite Faction regardless of the Realm you are playing on!


Q: So, what Server should a New Player pick?

A: If you have Friends playing World of Warcraft also, join their Server if you might need want to join their Guild. Otherwise, choose a Server that is either Full or High, this will ensure you are playing on a Server with a flourishing economy and player base.


Choosing a Character

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Getting Started

After choosing a Server, start creating your first Character. World of Warcraft offers 13 different classes, which each class offering between 2-4 individual Specializations. You can decide 24 different Races, 11 per Faction (Alliance or Horde), and Pandaran and Dracthyr which can be played by both Factions. You should always choose what interests you the most, but let’s quickly explain what you can choose.

ClassDifferent Specializations
Demon HunterTank or Physical Damage
Death KnightTank or Physical Damage
DruidTank, Physical Damage, Caster, Healer
EvokerCaster or Healer
HunterPhysical Damage, either Range or Close Combat
MonkTank, Physical Damage, Healer
PaladinTank, Physical Damage, Healer
PriestCaster or Healer
RoguePhysical Damage
ShamanPhysical Damage, Caster, Healer
WarriorTank or Physical Damage
Protect their Teammates by getting attacked by Enemies
HealerHeals their allies when struck in combat
CasterUses Magic to deal damage to their enemies
Physical Damage
(called Melee) Uses Physical attacks to damage their enemies


Q: Does it matter which Faction I play?

A: Previously, Alliance and Horde were enemies, and you were not able to interact with each other. Nowerdays, you are able to que as both Factions combined for Raids and Dungeons. Player vs. Player activities and “Random-Que Activities” are still restricted. Guilds can be attended by players of both Factions at the same time!

Graphic Settings


You should set up your Graphic and Sound Settings to your liking, and what your computer hardware is capable. World of Warcraft is taking a lot of ressources from your computers’ CPU, which takes a lot of responsibility handling all the User Input by every other player in your party and around you.

Must Have:

The most important Graphic Setting that is forgotten and overseen by a lot of players is “Projected Textures“. This Option has to be always enabled.

If you disable this option, it will warn you that you may miss important visual cues during combat. This means, you will not be able to see certain mechanics on the floor during a dungeon, which may lead your character to die!


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Getting Started

In World of Warcraft, you have to level up to the maximum level of the current expansion in order to experience the endgame. You usually start your Character on Level 1, while certain Races or Classes like Demon Hunter, Evoker and Death Knights are starting on a higher level.

You also have the option of a character boost in the ingame shop, or you get a free character boost whenever buying the Heroic (or higher) Edition of the latest Expansion.

Whenever you start the game as a new player, and decide to level your character from Level 1, you will be put into Exile’s Reach, a starting zone which offers a lot of tutorials for the game. This is going to be the best choice for you to learn the basics of the game and your class. Later on, whenever you already reached maximum level with one character, you will be able to choose Exile’s Reach or the regular starting zone of the specific Race you chose.

Whenever you exited the Exile’s Reach, you are able to level in whatever Zone you want, with most likely no restrictions*, but you can also choose different activities like Dungeons, PvP or Questing to reach maximum level.

If you need more in-depth Leveling Advice, please refer to our Leveling Guide.

Main Quest and Side Quest

Whenever reaching maximum Level, there will always be certain Story Quests offered for your character. This Campaign will tell you the current story of the game, which unlocks certain perks that might be important for your character power.

It is really important for players to determine the difference between certain quests.


Main Story Quests (Campaign)

Main Quests are listed in your Questlog as Campaign. They will also list how many Chapters you already have completed. Complete these quests as your main priority.



Side Quests

Side Quests are not listed as Campaign, or display any Chapters. These Quests are one-time quests that will reward certain reputation, currency or materials. Complete these quests whenever you want.



Daily or Weekly Quests

Daily Quests and Weekly Quests are repeatable quests that grant Materials, Reputation or Currencys used for certain mechanics. These Quests are offering players an activity that they should complete regularly if needed. Especially early into a Season or Expansion, those Weekly Quests and Daily Quests are having more priority then later on. 

These Quests are indicated by a blue !! over the NPC. We explain how Daily and Weekly Quests work later on in this Guide. 


Just a Flight/Travel Point

A green !! over an NPC doesnt offer you a Quest, but a Travel Point which can fly you to different Travel Points whenever unlocked. Make sure to always talk to these NPCs once to unlock them.

Gear and Talents

Your Character can equip certain Gear, and you unlock Talent Points the higher your Level is. Different Classes wear different type of Armor. You must always wear the specific type of Armor for your class, otherwise you will receive a penalty of 5% of your primary Stats.

ClassArmor Type
Demon HunterLeather
Death KnightPlate


Whenever you find an Item, it will have different stats on it.

  • Name of the Item
  • The Difficulty Level of its Source (here: Mythic)
  • The Slot for Gear (here: Hands)
  • The Armor Type (here: Cloth)
  • The amount of Armor it provides (reduces damage taken)
  • Primary Stat (here: Intellect)
  • The amount of Stamina
  • Secondary Stats marked in green (here: Critical Strike and Haste)


Intellect (or Agility or Strength) are your primary stats, increasing your damage or healing done.
Stamina increases the amount of Health your character has.

Critical Strike increases the chance to deal double damage or healing with your spells and abilities.
Haste reduces the amount of time needed to cast a spell or attack.
Mastery has a different effect for every class.
Versatility grants you a flat amount of damage/healing increase, but also a damage taken reduction by half of its value.

Every Class and Specialization benefits by certain stats more then others. For New Players, you should only worry about these as soon as you enter the Endgame. If you want to find out which Stats your Class benefits the most, please refer to our Class Guides for Dragonflight here.



By pressing N (standard keybind), you will open your Talent Tree. Every Level you will receive a Talent Point for either the General Talent Tree (left) or the Specialization Talent Tree(right).



Q: Which Talents should I pick as New Player?

A: Especially as a New Player, everytime you earn a new Talent Point, see what options you have, and read what they can do. This will lead you to understand your character and their potential they can unleash. As with Stats on your Gear, there are very complicated ways to determine what might be performing for damage/heal better, and you can refer our Class Guides to look further into these. As New Player, growing and learning what your character can do is the best advice we can give.

The Auction House

The Auction House is a place in most capitol cities where you can sell your Items you found during your journey to other players, without interacting with other people directly. You can place Bids on items that you might like to purchase, or just buy whatever you want from the Auction House.

Since just recently, you are able to buy and sell most commodities (like Herbs and Ore) in the Auction House to players on different Servers. These commodities are now sold and bought by players from different Servers, while other Items like Armor, Weapons or Pets are still restricted to only players on the same server as you.


Whenever you are buying or selling items, all open auctions are listed on the right side. They are automatically sorted by the cheapest price, and shows the amount of items available for that price. 

Whenever Selling Items in the Auction House, it will automatically put the cheapest available price into the input box, but you can also manually review this price and change it to your liking.

Make sure to sell items that you might not need in the auction house for a little profit, before selling it to a vendor. Keep in mind that a Grey Rarity of an Item always mean they are trash items for a little (or sometimes more) gold on the Vendor.

Daily and Weekly Reset

As explained above, you will encounter Daily and Weekly quests on your journey troughout World of Warcraft. Many other activities are also rewarding their loot once a day or once a week. 


New Players should not hurry too much to meet those timings. You should take your time that you need. 


Lets explain what does reset when?

Daily Reset is every day at 5am Servertime on European Server – Weekly Reset is every Wednesday at 5am on European Server.

Daily Reset is every day at 7am PST on American Server – Weekly Reset is every Tuesday at 7am PST on American Server.


Activities that reset Daily:

  • Daily Quests that are NOT marked as “Weekly”
  • Loot from Heroic Dungeons


Activities that reset Weekly:

  • Quests marked as Weekly
  • Loot from regular Mythic Dungeons
  • Loot from Raidbosses per Difficulty Level seperatly
  • Reward caps like Valor Points, Conquest and Honor


World of Warcraft offers you the possibility to use Third-Party-Programs to influence your game experience. These programs are called Addons, which can be intergrated into your game. To do this, there are many different options like “CurseForge” or “WoWUP” which automatically distract the folders into your game directory. 

Your Interface is fully customizable already with the new reworked Interface by Blizzard, but there are still some very popular Addons which are used by most likely every player.


“Almost” mandatory Addons we suggest:
  • Details Damage Meter – An Addon which displays how much damage you deal, and even shows other information like Healing or a detailed Death Log.
  • Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs are the most popular Boss Mods, which will help you announcing upcoming mechanics during a Bossfight or Dungeon.
  • Weakauras is a very customizable Addon which can display and track your Buffs, Debuffs and can be even mandatory in high-competitive content.


Optional Addons
  • ElvUI and other UI-Addons chance the look of your whole Interface. But we need to tell you that huge Addon compilations like ElvUI might have impact on your game performance depending on your computers’ hardware.
  • Raider.IO Addon is helping you displaying your Mythic Dungeon score, and is still commonly used in Mythic Keystone Dungeons.
  • Gladius adds enemy unit frames to arenas for easier targeting and focusing.
  • All The Things is an Addon which tracks all your collectables, and helps you tracking where to farm them.

Endgame Content

World of Warcraft offers you many different activities whenever you reach the maximum Level. All of these activities are very detailed in our Guides, and we would refer you to these Guides instead of putting it all here again. However you want to spend your time in World of Warcraft, we have you covered!

  • If you are interested in Player vs. Player activities like Battlegrounds, Arena or Open-World Combat against other players, please refer to our PvP Guide.
  • If you are interested in Dungeons with a small group of other people, refer to our Mythic Keystone Dungeon Guide here.
  • If you are interested in Raid Content, defeating the powerful Story bosses with Groups between 10-30 players, refer to our Raid Guide here.
  • The game offers many other activities, like Farming Mounts and other Collectables, engaging in Gold Farming, working Professions, or even Pet Battles where you can catch little critters and let them fight.