Dragonflight Patch 10.1 – Season 2 Mythic+ Guides

Check out our Dragonflight Patch 10.1 – Season 2 Mythic+ Guides, including Routes, Weakauras, Strategy and Ability Overview and more. From Basic to Advanced Tips & Strategy.

Mythic Keystone Dungeons Season 2

One of the most competitive activities in World of Warcraft are Mythic+ Dungeons. We are explaining in all details every single Dungeon, but also offer you a quick ‘Easy Guide’ to all Dungeons of Season 3 as an overview.

We also provide you with Routes for each and every dungeon, with consideration of appearing Mythic+ affixes.

Brackenhide Season 2 Guide

“Brackenhide Hollow is the largest gnoll home in the Dragon Isles, yet the wild gnoll settlement holds unspeakable danger. Decay seeps from the Hollow, spreading among the gnoll tribes of the Azure Span and threatening..

Freehold Season 2 Guide

“Freehold has traditionally served as a haven for pirates, scoundrels, and those who wish to live free of Kul Tiran control. Now, the Irontide Raiders have brought the city under their harsh rule and are coercing the various pirate crews…

Halls of Infusion Season 2 Guide

“Deep beneath Tyrhold lies the Halls of Infusion. Its structure was built upon an ancient wellspring, the waters of which were channeled by Keeper Tyr to feed the Life Pools of the red flight. Now that the Dragon Isles have reawakened..

Neltharions Lair Season 2 Guide

“The Earth Warder Neltharion, later known as Deathwing, once called this cavern home. Since his fall, the drogbar that once worshipped the great dragon built their capital within this ancient lair. Now, Dargrul, chieftain of the drogbar…

Neltharus Season 2 Guide

“Beneath the Obsidian Citadel lies Neltharus, home of the black dragonflight’s hoard and the secrets behind their legendary forging. When the djaradin woke from their slumber, they chose Neltharus as the point of entry for their attack…

Uldaman Season 2 Guide

“Uldaman is an ancient titan facility where, long ago, allies of the heroic Keeper Tyr hid the Discs of Norgannon. After returning to the Dragon Isles, Queen Alexstrasza learned of another disc locked away within Uldaman…

Underrot Season 2 Guide

“Deep within the swamps of Nazmir, a blight grows beneath the surface. Unless this corruption is purged immediatly, its influence will spread across the land like a ravenous plague, leaving behind nothing but a festering world.”

Vortex Pinnacle Season 2 Guide

“The Vortex Pinnacle exists within the elemental plane of Skywall. Its elegant structures, crowned with bronze and gold, sit atop platforms bridged by pure air. Yet behind its exterior beauty, the pinnacle harbors Neferset tol’vir, as..