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Freehold Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide

Check out our Freehold Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide, including Routes, Weakauras, Strategy and Ability Overview and more. From Basic to Advanced Tips & Strategy.

First Boss: Skycap’n Kragg

Notable Trash Mobs

Before you encounter the first Boss Skycap’n Kragg, he will bombard players with Vile Bombardment. This leaves voidzones on the floor that slows players and deal periodic damage.

All other enemies will have abilities that affects the Tank, or the player with the highest threat.


Skycap’n Kragg
Notable Abilities

The Boss will mark the location of a random player, and after 2 seconds charges to that location.

This deals heavy damage to players struck and knocks them away.

This ability is lost whenever the Boss enters his second phase at 75%.


Vile Bombardment

As during the previous Trash mobs, this ability leaves a Voidzone on the floor.

Players inside of it are slowed by 40% and take periodic damage.



Dive Bomb

In the second Phase after reaching 75% Boss health, Sharkbait will fly down into the arena and starts his Dive Bomb.

He will spawn on the outside of the Boss area, and then charges after 3 seconds in the direction he is facing.

Players struck in his path are knocked back and take heavy damage.


Azerite Powder Shot

This is a frontal cone which cannot be avoided.

This frontal cone is aimed towards a random player, and hits all players in that direction.

We advice players to spread around the Boss to be less likely to be hit by it.


Pistol Shot

Skycap’n Kragg uses Pistol Shot on a random player and deals medium damage. This has to be healed by your Healer.


Revitalizing Brew

Frequently, the Boss will start casting Revitalizing Brew which regenerates the health of the Boss over time. 

This has to be interrupted immediatly.

Successfully interrupting it will cause a Bottle of Revitalizing Brew to drop on the floor which can be clicked by a player to regenerate small portion of his health over 5 seconds.

Second Boss: Council o’ Captains

Notable Trash Mobs

Blacktooth Brute will cast Earth Shaker, dealing damage to close players and slowing them.

Cutwater Duelist will mark the location of a random player and uses Duelist Dash to charge towards it, dealing damage in the location of impact.

Irontide Oarsman uses Sea Spout, creating a Voidzone below each player which deals damage whenever hit. This can be interrupted.

Vermin Trapper throw Rat Traps on the floor which root players that walk through them.

Blacktooth Knuckleduster use Shattering Bellow to interrupt all players if this cast itself is not interrupted.


Council o’ Captains
Notable Abilities
  • Blackout Barrel disorients a random player until they are broken free
  • Grapeshot deals a series of frontal cones which must be avoided
  • Players can pickup Freehold Brew’s which grant them additional buffs
Blackout Barrel

Captain Raoul will cast Blackout Barrel on a random non-tank player which disorient them until they are broken free.

Other party members have to deal damage on the Barrel as quick as possible.


Barrel Smash

Captain Raoul will also use Barrel Smash, creating a circle around himself which deals damage to players within 10 yards.





Captain Eudora will cast Grapeshot, jumping towards a corner of the room and starts shooting multiple frontal cones.

Players have to get close to Captain Eudora and dodge these frontals.


Cutting Surge

Captain Jolly will mark a random players location and then charges to that position.

This is indicated by a voidzone below a random player.


Whirlpool of Blades

Captain Jolly will frequently throw his blades to a random players location.

The blade will return to Captain Jolly after a certain time and then despawn as soon as it reaches him again.


Freehold Brew’s

Frequently, there will be a Brew thrown by Rummy Mancomb onto the boss area, which can grant players or bosses a certain buff.

Third Boss: Ring of Booty

Notable Trash Mobs

Aside of all previous enemies which can be again encounter during your way to the third Boss, players will also have to face Cutwater Harpooner and Irontide Crusher.

Cutwater Harpooner uses Dragging Harpoon on a random player, dragging the player to the location of the Harpooner.

Irontide Crusher cast Boulder Throw which creates a voidzone, dealing damage to players hit during the impact. They also use Ground Shatter that deals damage to players within 9 yards after its 2.5 seconds cast.


Ring of Booty
Notable Abilities

Catch the Pig Lightning, and kill Ludwig Von Tortollan to start the encounter with Trothak.


Shark Tornado

Trothak will use Shark Tornado, causing him to whirlwind and deal damage to players within 9 yards for 6 seconds.


Shark Toss

Torthak will throw a Flailing Shark towards a random player, which will fixate to the closest standing player.

These Sharks deal heavy damage to players in its 5 yards rangeKite the Shark through Throw Chum on the floor to slow it down.

Trothak will use Rearm and charges to the Shark which will cause it to despawn temporarily.


Ripper Punch

Trothak will hit a random player in melee range with Ripper Punch, causing them to take periodic damage for 12 seconds.

Final Boss: Harlan Sweete

Notable Trash Mobs

Irontide Officer will use Oiled Blade on the Tank, dealing heavy magical damage and applying a 75% healing reduced debuff on them.

Irontide Ravager use Painful Motivation which channels for 10 seconds, increasing enemies damage dealt by 45%, but also damaging them for 3% every second.

Irontide Stormcaller use Lightning Bolt and Thundering SquallThundering Squall deals damage to all close players while its channeling.

Irontide Buccaneer use Blade Barrage to also deal damage to close players while it channels.


Harlan Sweete
Notable Abilities
  • Cannon Barrage causes a random player, and later all players to spawn voidzones below them for 3 seconds
  • Swiftwind Saber spawnns projectiles in multiple directions which knock players away
Cannon Barrage

Harlan Sweete will affect one player with Cannon Barrage, causing them to spawn multiple voidzones below them for 3 seconds.

This will affect all players during his second phase, starting at 60% health of the Boss.



Swiftwind Saber

Harlan will spawn multiple projectiles around him which travel towards random directions.

These projectiles will deal damage and knock back all players struck in their path.



Black Powder Bomb

Frequently, an Irontide Grenadier will spawn, carrying a Black Powder Bomb.

This NPC will fixate a random player and explode whenever coming into contact with them