Halls of Infusion Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide

Check out our Halls of Infusion Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide, including Routes, Weakauras, Strategy and Ability Overview and more. From Basic to Advanced Tips & Strategy.

First Boss: Watcher Irideus

Notable Trash Mobs
Interrupt the Earth Shield from Primalist Geomancer. Avoid Seismic Slam which is a 5-yard circle around the enemy.
Refti Defender uses Demoralizing Shout which also can be interrupted.
Containment Beam Expulse will deal damage to random players, and Containment Apparatus has to be interrupted or stunned during these casts.
Primalist Ravager also has an important cast to interrupt – Blasting Gust which deals damage to all players within 40-yards.
Watcher Irideus
Notable Abilities
  • Power Overload applies to 3 players, causing them to leave a voidzone on the floor upon expiration
  • Titanic Fist is a frontal cone aimed towards the Tank which has to be faced away
  • Watcher Irideus applies Ablative Barrier to himself, causing him to take 99% less damage, deal AoE damage to players, and increase his damage done every second. Interrupt this spell after breaking the shield with Nullification Device dying ontop of the Boss.
Spark Volley

Spark Volley creates ground poudles which deal damage over time to players struck by them.


Power Overload

Watcher Irideus applies Power Overload to three random players, causing them to have a circle around them which deals damage to other players struck within.

Upon expiration or dispell, this leaves Power Field, a voidzone on the floor that deals damage to players inside of it.


Ablative Barrier

Upon reaching 100 Energy, Watcher Irideus will shield himself with Ablative Barrier. During this time, he will cast Static Surge, dealing damage to all players until interrupted, receiving 99% less damage and is immun to interrupts.

To break this shield, players have to defeat Nullification Device on top of the Boss. Upon death, they will cast Nullifying Pulse, a circle around them which deals damage to players struck and remove a stack of Ablative Barrier.

It requires 3 Nullification Device to die on top of the Boss to break Ablative Barrier. Interrupt the Boss after.


Titanic Fist

Titanic Fist is a frontal cone aimed towards the Tank which has to be faced away. The Tank himself can avoid getting hit aswell.

Second Boss: Gulping Goliath

Notable Trash Mobs
Interrupt Elemental Focus cast from Primalist Shocktrooper otherwise they will start dealing damage to all players with Chain Lightning.
Interrupt the Dazzle from Dazzling Dragonfly which is a disorientation in a frontal cone. Players can also side-step it or move out of 10-yards range. 
Curious Swoglets will apply Gulp Swog Toxin whenever they hit a target. This poison effect stacks and it instantly kills you upon reaching 10 applications. 
Interrupt Pyretic Burst from Flamecaller AymiAvoid being hit by the Molten Subduction.
Gulping Goliath
Notable Abilities
  • Gulp Swog Toxin will kill players upon reaching 10 application
  • Gulp will create a circle around the Boss, dealing damage to all players hit. If no player is hit, the boss will enrage with Hangry!
Belly Slam

The Gulping Goliath will leap to the location of a random player with Belly Slam, creating a ground puddle which has to be avoided.


Overpowering Croak

The Gulpin Goliath will frequently channel Overpowering Croak, dealing damage to all players and spawn Curious Swoglet.

Additionally, it will cause Cave In to appear, creating voidzones on the floor which has to be avoided.



Whenever the Boss casts Gulp, he will create a circle around him which deals damage to players within 10 yards of him after 2 seconds.

If no player is hit, the Boss will become Hangry which cannot be dispelled. 

Make sure one assigned player is getting hit by Gulp which also applies 3 stacks of Gulp Swog Toxin.


Gulp Swog Toxin

The Boss and all Curious Swoglet adds will apply Gulp Swog Toxin on hit. 

This poison will kill a player instantly upon reaching 10 stacks.

Third Boss: Khajin the Unyielding

Notable Trash Mobs
Primalist Earthshaker use Rumbling Earth which can be interrupted, otherwise deals AoE damage and stunning all players within 8 yards.
Primalist Galesinger is another caster who uses Thunderstorm to deal party wide damage. 
Gusting BreathTectonic Breath and Oceanic Breath are frontal cones coming from the Proto-Drakes. 
Khajin the Unyielding
Notable Abilities
Frost Cyclone

Frost Cyclone is a frontal cone in the direction of a random player which deals deadly damage on hit.

It will also damage any existing Ice Boulder, making them unusable for any further Hailstorm.


Glacial Surge

An expanding ring of ice is casted around Khajin.

Make sure to dodge this ability by side-stepping it.



Hailstorm deals deadly damage to all players not hidden behind an Ice Boulder.

If the Ice Boulder has been damaged before, or spawned already with some cracks, it will explode and not protect the player anymore.


Polar Winds

The Boss will deal periodic damage to all players until defeated.

Final Boss: Primal Infusion

Notable Trash Mobs
Make sure to avoid getting hit by the moving puddles in this Gauntlet. Players can hide behind the middle pillars to not get struck by them.
Once Aqua Rager reach 20% health, it starts casting Tidal Divergence, dividing itself into 4 Aqualing. Make sure to interrupt this.
Infuser Sariya will have unavoidable AoE damage coming from Inundate and an absorb shield cast that must be interrupted Aqueous Barrier. Get away from her Flash Flood AoE cast, it will knock you back and deal damage to you.
Primal Infusion
Notable Abilities
  • Avoid the Infused Globules which travel slightly, which will explode in their radius and apply Waterlogged to players struck on their path
  • Dodge the Rogue Waves which deal damage and knock palyers back
  • Try to reach the Boss area quickly again in Phase 2 and interrupt all Primalist Infuser which try to buff the Boss
Infused Globules

Infused Globules are ground spheres which explode after a certain time, and apply Waterlogged to players coming into contact with them.


Rogue Waves

Dodge the Rogue Waves which knock players away from the Boss.


Intermission Phase

Upon reaching 100 Energy, Primal Infusion will send all players back into the previous Gauntlet. Players have to reach the Boss area again.

In the Boss area, players will find 4 Primalist Infuser which channel Infuse into the Boss to buff its damage. Make sure to interrupt them.

Upon killing them, the Boss will be attackable again.


Squall Buffet

Squall Buffet is a Tank specific ability, dealing heavy damage to them and apply Focused Deluge which deals damage over time.


Tempest’s Fury

Tempest’s Fury deals heavy AoE damage to all players. Make sure to use defensives during this cast.