Neltharion’s Lair Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide

Check out our Neltharion’s Lair Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide, including Routes, Weakauras, Strategy and Ability Overview and more. From Basic to Advanced Tips & Strategy.

First Boss: Rokmora

Notable Trash Mobs

Vileshard Crawler create pools of Acid Splatter whenever they die.

Vileshard Chunk cast Crush, dealing heavy damage to players within 10 yards.

Tarspitter Lurker will Submerge, and then cast Viscid Bile which deals damage to close players during its 4 second channel cast.

Vileshard Hulk use Piercing Shards, a powerful frontal cone towards the Tank.


Notable Abilities
  • Razor Shards is a frontal cone in the direction of the Tank.
  • Blightshard Skitter will spawn, which have to be defeated quickly. They leave Choking Dust on the floor upon death
  • Shatter will deal heavy party wide damage, increasing for every Blightshard Skitter alive
Razor Shards 

Rokmora uses a frontal cone Razor Shards in the direction of the Tank.

This deals heavy damage. Tanks need to make sure to face the Boss away when this cast appears.



Crystalline Ground

After each Shatter, Rokmora uses Crystalline Ground. This large Voidzone will deal moderate damage whenever a player moves while within.



Blightshard Skitter

The Boss will frequently spawn Blightshard Skitter which have only low life.

These adds have to be killed quick before Shatter occurs.

Upon death, these Blightshard Skitter leave Choking Dust on the floor, dealing damage to players standing inside of it.



Rokmora will frequently use Shatter, dealing heavy damage to all party members.

This damage increases for every Blightshard Skitter alive at that time.

Second Boss: Ularogg Cragshaper

Notable Trash Mobs

Understone Drummer run to their War Drumssummoning additional enemies every 6 seconds if not stunned or killed immediatly.

Mightstone Breakers will cast Avalanche, which is a frontal cone and also deals heavy partywide damage.

Rockbound Pelters will frequently Retreat and attack random players with Jagged Disc

Blightshard Shaper attack random targets with Stone Bolt


Ularogg Cragshaper
Notable Abilities
Bellow of the Deeps

Ularogg will summon two Bellowing Idols which will deal pulsating damage to all players while they remain.

Players have to kill these Idols quickly to keep the incoming damage low.



Strike of the Mountain

Strike of the Mountain will mark random players and summon multiple stone hands. 

These hands will clap into each other very shortly after they spawned, dealing heavy damage to players struck. Walking into them will also deal damage to players and knock them back.


Strike of the Mountain

Ularogg will submerge in the ground and summon 5 Idols.

These Idols will randomize their location, and only on of them will cause the boss to emerge again.

Players have to keep track whenever they are randomizing to be able to kill the correct Idol quick.



Ularogg will use Sunder against the Tank, dealing heavy damage.

Third Boss: Naraxas

Notable Trash Mobs

Players will encounter similar enemies as previously before, but also additionally some Stoneclaw Grubmaster.

Stoneclaw Grubmaster will summon Tarspitter Grub which cast Metamorphosis. Whenever this cast finishes, they transform into a large Rotdrool Grabber. Kill them before they finish their Metamorphosis.


Notable Abilities
  • Two Wormspeaker Devout spawn during the encounter which have to be defeated quick. If not, Naraxas will devour them, granting him a damage increase.
  • Rancid Maw creates a circle around two players which almost instantly leaves a Voidzone on the floor
  • Spiked Tongue tries to draw the Tank in, in an attempt to devour him
Toxic Retch

Toxic Retch creates Voidzones below each player, causing them to take damage while remaining inside of it.

Additionally, every time a player is affected by the Toxic Retch debuff that deals periodic damage per application



Rancid Maw

Naraxas will affect two players with Rancid Maw, causing them to create a circle around them which deals damage to surrounding players after a short time.

Almost immediatly after, they will leave another Voidzone on the floor which deals periodic damage and slow them while remaining inside.

These Voidzones will also slow any Wormspeaker Devout.


Wormspeaker Devout

Naraxas will frequently summon two Wormspeaker Devout which walk towards him. 

After a few seconds, Naraxas will devour them to grant himself Ravenous, a stacking damage buff.

These Adds have to be defeated immediatly.


Spiked Tongue

Naraxas will spike the Tank, trying to draw him into the Boss to devour.

Tanks have to run away quickly while Naraxas channels Spiked Tongue.

Tanks can also used any Voidzones left by Rancid Maw to avoid getting drawn in any further.


Hurling Rocks

The Angry Crowd that is spectating the fight will use Hurling Rocks on random players every 5 seconds to deal additional damage to players.

Final Boss: Dargrul the Underking

Notable Trash Mobs

Emberhusk Dominator and their Scorpion will use Ember Swipe, dealing heavy damage in a frontal cone to the Tank.

Understone Demolishers will cast Charskin, transforming into Colossal Charskinfixating a random player with Burning Hatred.

Rockbound Trapper will use Bound to stun the Tank for 4 seconds. This can be interrupted.


Dargrul the Underking
Notable Abilities
Crystal Spikes

Every phase, Dargrul will spawn three Crystal Spikes on the location of a random ranged player.

The impact of the Crystal Spikes are indicated by a Voidzone.

Use the Crystal Spikes to kite the Magma Sculptor, and hide for Magma Wave.


Magma Sculptor

Dargrul will summon a Molten Charskin add which fixates a random player with Burning Hatred.

This add has to be killed quickly.

Kite this add through the Crystal Spikes to grant it a damage taken increase and stun it.


Magma Wave

Dargrul uses Magma Wave whenever he reaches 100 Energy.

Any players not hiding Line-of-Sight behind the Crystal Spikes will take heavy damage.

The third smash of Magma Wave will destroy all remaining Crystal Spikes in the room.


Landslide & Molten Crash

Dargrul will use Landslide, a frontal cone towards the Tank, and immediatly afterwards Molten Crash to the Tank.

This will deal heavy damage to the Tank, which has to use strong defensives during that combination.