Underrot Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide

Check out our Underrot Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide, including Routes, Weakauras, Strategy and Ability Overview and more. From Basic to Advanced Tips & Strategy.

First Boss: Elder Leaxa

Notable Trash Mobs

Fetid Maggot will use Rotten Bile, a frontal cone in the direction of a random player.

Chosen Blood Matron will charge to a random player, then use Savage Cleave in the direction of that player. Additionally, they use Warcry, buffing all other enemies which can be soothed.

Devout Blood Priest will use Dark Reconstitution, which heals a low health enemy. This ability must be interrupted.

Befouled Spirit will cast Harrowing Despair which deals deadly damage to the entire group if not interrupted. It also casts Dark Omen on a player which has to spread away from other party members for atleast 4 yards.


Elder Leaxa
Notable Abilities
  • Taint of G’huun is a periodic damage debuff which stacks everytime a player is hit by any ability
  • Creeping Rot is a frontal which travels to a random player and has to be dodged
  • Blood Mirror will spawn a copy of Elder Leaxa which has to be defeated immediatly
Taint of G’huun

Whenever a player is hit by any ability during this fight, they will be affected by Taint of G’huun.

This debuff stacks and deals periodic damage which increases per application. Make sure to avoid any other ability, and interrupt the Boss consistently.


Blood Bolt

Blood Bolt is a 2 second cast by Elder Leaxa towards the Tank, which also applies Taint of G’huun. This cast has to be interrupted.


Creeping Rot

Creeping Rot is a frontal in the direction of a random player which deals heavy Nature damage every 0.5 seconds in its path. 

Getting hit by Creeping Rot will affect players also with Taint of G’huun.



Sanguine Feast

The Boss will frequently teleport to the position of a random player and cast Sanguine Feast. This is a two seconds cast, which will deal damage to players within 4 yards of Elder Leaxa



Blood Mirror

Frequently, Elder Leaxa will spawn a Blood Effigy which casts Blood BoltSanguine Feast and Creeping Rot aslong it persists. Make sure to nuke this add down as fast as possible, and interrupt Blood Bolt and dodge its Creeping Rot.

Second Boss: Cragmaw the Infested

Notable Trash Mobs

Feral Bloodswarmer will fixate a random player whenever they use Thirst For Blood. They also use Sonic Screech which interrupts all players spellcast if it is not interrupted itself.

Living Rot will cast Wave of Decay, spawning a voidzone which deals damage to players standing in it.

Diseased Lasher will stun a random player for full 30 seconds if its cast is not interrupted.


Cragmaw the Infested
Notable Abilities
  • Blood Tick are small adds which have to be killed by either walking over them, or killing them regularly when they are attackable.
  • Indigestion is a frontal cone towards the Tank.
  • Charge deals damage in the path towards a random player
  • Tantrum causes the boss to walk randomly through the area, dealing heavy damage to all players and spawning more Blood Ticks.
Blood Tick

Blood Tick are small adds which have to be defeated by walking over them, or killing them if they havent been destroyed within 8 seconds.

They will cast Serrated Fangs on the Tanks, and explode with Blood Burst



Indigestion is a frontal cone towards the Tank, which also spawns additional Blood Tick that have to be walked over.

Make sure to destroy the Blood Ticks after Indigestion has finished.




Cragmaw will frequently Charge towards a random player, dealing heavy damage to players struck in its path.

This ability will also spawn Blood Tick.



Tantrum will be used whenever Cragmaw reached 100% energy, causing him to run randomly through the area, dealing heavy damage to all players for 6 seconds, and spawning additional Blood Tick across the room.

Third Boss: Sporecaller Zancha

Notable Trash Mobs

Reanimated Guardian will use Bone Shield, granting themself an absorb shield for incoming damage. This can be interrupted.

Fallen Deathspeaker will cast Raise Dead which can be interrupted aswell. This will spawn another Reanimated Guardian if not interrupted.

Grotesque Horror are burrowed in the ground, becoming active whenever a players come close to it. 

Bloodsworn Defiler will cast Withering Curse, which channels until interrupted. This deals heavy damage and applies Withering Curse on players, reducing their damage and damage taken per stack. They also cast Shadow Bolt Volley which can be interrupted and Summon Spirit Drain Totem. This Totem explodes after 6 seconds to nearby players for deadly damage.

Sporecaller Zancha
Notable Abilities
  • Boundless Rot will spawn spore pods across the room which explode whenever Zancha uses Festering Harvest
  • Festering Harvest deals damage to all players, increasing for every spore pod alive
  • Upheaval marks players which get leave a voidzone which explodes after 6 seconds, dealing damage and destroying spore pods
Boundless Rot

This ability spawns multiple spore pods across the room.

Running into these will cause them to explode, leaving Decaying Spores on the player which deals heavy periodic damage.

These Pods have to be destroyed before Zancha uses Festering Harvest



The boss will mark two players with Upheaval, letting them spawn a voidzone after 6 seconds on the floor. 

This voidzone will explode after 1 second, dealing damage to all players struck by it.

This voidzone will also destroy spore pods


Volatile Pods

This ability causes several red mushrooms to spawn across the room which explode after a few seconds.

They will spawn multiple Orbs which need to be avoided.




Zancha will use a frontal cone Shockwave in the direction of the Tank.

This frontal will also destroy spore pods.


Festering Harvest

Upon reaching 100 energy, Zancha will use Festering Harvest to deal heavy damage to all players.

This ability causes all remaining spore pods to explode, leaving a stack of Decaying Spores per remaining pod.

Make sure to remove all spore pods before this happens. This can be done with all other boss abilities, or by walking intentionally through the spore pods.

Final Boss: Unbound Abomination

Notable Trash Mobs

Players will again encounter Bloodsworn DefilerGrotesque HorrorReanimated Guardian and Fallen Deathspeaker as before.

Faceless Corruptor has two abilities which cannot be interrupted. Maddening Gaze is a frontal cone in the direction of a random player which needs to be dodged. Abyssal Reach spawns multiple tentacles which try to attack players whenever they are active. Try to move away from them to avoid taking damage.


Unbound Abomination
Notable Abilities
  • This boss will gain Energy by attacking him. At 100 Energy it spawn two Blood Visage which will deal 17% of the Bosses health when they are defeated.
  • Vile Expulsion is a frontal cone in the direction of a random player.
  • Putrid Blood is a stacking debuff which can be cleansed by walking into Cleansing Light
Vile Expulsion

Vile Expulsion is a frontal cone in the direction of a random player.

This will leave a Voidzone on the floor in a line in the direction of the targeted player.

Coming into contact with these Voidzones will deal periodic damage while remaining within.


Rotting Spore

Throughout this fight, Rotting Spore are little Orbs which fly slowly towards random players.

Touching those Orbs will let them explode and deal medium damage.

Whenever a Rotting Spore explodes, it will spawn a similar Voidzone like Vile Expulsion.

These adds can be also killed by players due to their very low health.


Putrid Blood

Putrid Blood is a periodic debuff which is frequently applied to all players.

This debuff stacks and deals more damage per application.

This debuff can be dispelled by the Healer, or cleansed by standing in the Cleansing Light.

Cleansing Light is frequently spawned on the location of a random player. Standing in it will remove all debuffs.


Blood Visage

Instead of losing health itself, the Boss will spawn two Blood Visage adds whenever he reaches 100 Energy. He gains more Energy the more damage has been dealt on the Boss.

Killing a Blood Visage will cause the Boss to lose 17% Health.

Players need to kill 6 Blood Visage‘s to kill this Boss.