Vortex Pinnacle Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide

Check out our Vortex Pinnacle Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ Guide, including Routes, Weakauras, Strategy and Ability Overview and more. From Basic to Advanced Tips & Strategy.

First Boss: Grand Vizier Ertan

Notable Trash Mobs

Wild Vortex casts Cyclone which stuns affected players if not interrupted. This can also not be dispelled.

Gust Soldier will Charge towards a random player, deal damage and affect them with x. This deals heavy periodic damage.

Make sure to face the Lurking Tempest so it will not engage into combat.



Grand Vizier Ertan
Notable Abilities
Cyclone Shield

Ertan summons Cyclone Shield which travel in a circle around the arena. Players touching them will suffer heavy damage.

After a short while, these Cyclones will come very close into the Boss to surround her. This ability will repeat itself.



Cyclone Shield Fragment

Cyclone Shield Fragment will travel across the room, dealing heavy damage to players and slowing their Haste and Movement Speed by 30% whenever coming into contact with them. 

This requires a lot of movement for players.


Summon Tempest 

Ertan will summon Lurking Tempest which try to engage into combat, casting Lethal Current on random players.

Whenever a player faces these adds, they vanish and stop casting. 



Lightning Bolt 

Ertan will consistently cast Lightning Bolt, targeting a random player. This cast can be interrupted.

Second Boss: Altairus

Notable Trash Mobs

Turbulent Squall will cast Cloudburst which deals dealy AoE damage if not interrupted.

Empyrean Assassin cast Vapor Form which reduces their damage taken by 70%. This can be interrupted or purged.

Young Storm Drake cast a frontal breath in the direction of a random player.



Notable Abilities
Call the Wind

During this fight, winds will spawn which grant players Upwind of Altairus if they stand in the correct position to the Boss.

Alternatively, Downwind of Altairus is granted if players stand in the wrong way to the Boss. 

These winds will change directions frequently.



Whenever the Boss casts Downburst, it spawns an expanding circle which deals deadly damage to players and silences them.

Players can avoid this by getting knocked into the air by  the Twisting Winds tornados which knock players into the air.



Chilling Breath

Altairus uses Chilling Breath in the direction of a random player. 

This is a frontal cone which has to be avoided.

Final Boss: Asaad, Caliph of Zephyrs

Notable Trash Mobs

Temple Adept use Greater Heal to heal its allies. Make sure to interrupt this cast.

Executor of the Caliph will Rally himself. This can be soothed. Additionally, they use Crashing Stone which deals AoE damage to all players.

Minister of Air use Lightning Lash onto a random player. This player has to step into the Grounding Field. Whenever he is using Overload Grounding Field, players must step out of it.



Asaad, Caliph of Zephyrs
Notable Abilities
Supremacy of the Storm 

Before Asaad casts Supremacy of the Storm, he will create a Unstable Grounding Field.

Make sure to not leave this field until his cast is finished, otherwise players take deadly damage.



Static Cling

Asaad casts Static Cling which snares players whenever this cast is finished.

Players can jump before this cast finishes to avoid getting snared.


Skyfall Nova

Frequently, Skyfall Nova adds will be summoned which radiate for damage every second until defeated.

Players must make sure to focus them down quickly.



Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning will be cast on a random player which takes damage and all other players within 8 yards.

This is indicated by a blue circle around the targeted player.